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Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Review

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Review


When I heard this palette was coming out, not going to lie, I wasn't super excited. Mostly because I have always felt that Urban Decay eyeshadow as kind of an overrated brand. Everyone knew it, everyone used it. I just didn't want to be another person that used Urban Decay. There are so many other make up brands out there that do just as well make up, if not sometimes better.

But then Sephora gave me $25 off $50+ purchase, and I thought why not.



This is super fancy, super sturdy, but that also means super heavy. That was honestly my first reaction. I was wondering why they made it so heavy. But then it's Gwen Stefani, she probably wants the best for her fans, and not going to lie, it does feel great.

The gunmetal sign and the gold rims look great. I wish they did better with the lid though...not a huge fan of all those circles. Regardless, it still looks good.

Inside is, of course, the large mirror with a lyric/line from one of her songs (I think).


The mirror is great, and the shadows are just as beautiful.


These eye shadows are extremely buttery, and that also means not as much fall out as others. There is obviously still fall out, but not enough that it gets into other eye shadow pots.

Whether you use it with or without eye shadow primer, the colors are just as vibrant (but of course, you do notice that one eye is a tad more pigmented than the other eye).

I got nothing bad to say about the application of these eye shadows.

Lasting Power

I was pleasantly surprised that even without eye shadow primer, the eye shadow still stayed on my eyes relatively well for most of the day. In the end, it did crease, but it still creased way later than most eye shadows. Which for me, is a great feat. That means if I'm only wearing the eye shadow for a few short hours, I don't really have to wear eye shadow primer!


But, I must say that the pigmentation of the shadows did decrease a little on the eye without eye shadow primer.

(Once again, disclosing that my eye lids are extremely oily. Extremely oily.)

Final Thoughts

I genuinely do love this palette, despite it's colored shadows that I may hardly ever touch (and the odd amount of glitter eyeshadows there are compared to matte eyeshadows).

Everything about this palette is high end, which you would expect from Urban Decay.

I do wonder though, why there are so much champagne glitter eyeshadows in the palette, just because they are pretty much the same when you look at them from afar.

Anyway, if you do have the money to splurge, I definitely would recommend trying out this palette. Oh, a bonus is that they give you samples of her line of lipsticks as well! They are in tiny packaging so I couldn't really wear them for a long time since I do not own a lip brush. However, I did try them on just for a quick first impression to see if any of the colors I would like. (I purchased one and will be reviewing it in the near future!!)

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