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UDxGwen Lipstick + Lipliner Review

UDxGwen Lipstick + Lipliner Review


Gwen Stefani has a very iconic look over the ages. I've also associated her with a bold pair of eyes and a bold lip, despite the trend of recent ages saying one shouldn't do that. But she manages to make it rock. So when her lipstick collection came out, I jumped on it.

I must preface this by saying that I did originally purchase two of the lipsticks, but one of them ended up back ordering so they cancelled my order (which I found weird that they didn't ask before cancelling it).

Anyway, let's just get straight into the review!



Of course it's gorgeous!

Although it reminds me a lot of the Maybelline lipstick packaging except for the fact that it's round. It also has that weird island at the very bottom where you have to hold onto to remove the lid completely. I don't know why that design was chosen. I'm not a huge fan of that, because it looks bad when I take a picture :P


In terms of the lip pencil... it's pretty standard.


The gold and black theme is pretty thorough and despite not being a big fan of gold, it's still gorgeous!


Lip liner + Lipstick:

When you apply the lip liner, it goes on so smoothly that you could probably just wear it out on its own and it could look like a lipstick.

But when you apply the lipstick on top of it, it goes on really smooth.



If you apply just the lipstick, it does drag a little, and does take quite a bit of effort to get on. But it is also a matte lipstick so it may be due to that as well. 

Lasting Power


With the lip liner, the lipstick and the color in general definitely lasted longer, even through snacking, drinking water, and eating 2-3 meals. 


Without the lip liner, the lipstick just didn't last as well. By the end of the day, the lipstick vibrancy had definitely dimmed down a lot, and it was starting to feather in the edges. Furthermore, without wearing the lip liner, the lipstick feels a lot more drying on the lips. 

Final Thoughts

I really love this duo. Separately they both work well, but together, they are the!

I definitely recommend purchasing both, but I mean, it's Urban Decay so you could probably get away with just purchasing one!

I want to purchase the pink lipstick as an every day color, because we don't always want to wear bright red lipstick.

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