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Too Faced 'Melted' Lipstick Review

Too Faced 'Melted' Lipstick Review

Let's be honest, when this came out the beauty world went crazy. And I had been meaning to try this line for a long time however it's a little expensive for my opinion and I just didn't have the money at the times I want to try it and when I did have money I had to buy other it took me awhile to get a hand on these.

However I went to Portland OR, and since there was no tax, I HAD to get my hands on it. So here is my review!

I just want the world to know that a lot of YouTubers tend to focus on the good (except a couple like Tati from GlamLifeGuru) but don't really tell the world the bad so there will be good and bad.

Initial Application

When I first applied this lipstick my initial reaction was that the formula itself feels exactly like a lipstick but in a tube form. However, with the name, it wasn't very melted or very liquidy in texture (although I didn't expect wet liquidy, but thick liquidy). When I first applied it it also felt like I was dragging the tube across my lips which felt like a little bit too much work.

After the application I felt like it wasn't completely shiny or like the finish of a regular lipstick but it felt kind of matte on the lips. Usually when you wear new lipstick you can tell if it'll be the hydrating kind or the dehydrating kind however with this lipstick it didn't feel hydrating but it didn't feel dehydrating either.

Lipstick after Breakfast

Lips after class/lunch (3 hours after initial application) 

When I saw this in front of a mirror I was a little shocked.

I didn't know that this lipstick was going to bleed and this was the first time I had a lipstick that bleed on me (but I guess it was the first liquid lipstick I used as well). I feel like this lipstick might not bleed with a base underneath to prevent the lipstick from sliding.

Even through all of this, my lips didn't feel drying (despite what the picture shows!) which definitely impressed me despite the fact that this lipstick had pretty much disappeared from my lips.


It replied with the same intensity and that made me happy. However, this reapplication felt more smooth and easier to apply than initial application which made me very happy.

5 hours after Reapplication w/ gym + dinner

So my final jurisdiction:

The tube doesn't require a lot of work to squeeze out the product and it just comes when you put it towards your lips. It doesn't take a lot to put color on your lips either so that's good news.

I've heard that it smells like candy however for me, it didn't really smell like anything for me. It was slightly sweet but it was barely noticeable. I had to actively try to seek it out.

However I would be worried about putting it in a handbag because if it gets squished inside it might come out inside the cap and you wouldn't know. That would be one of the few problems I would have to travelling with this liquid lipstick.

I will be buying other colors because these are so amazing and feel good on the lips.

Let me know what you guys think!

UPDATE: 12/4/2014 -- If you put a lipstick as a base, the color comes our stronger, and it also lasts a lot longer on your lips. So find a base that is either neutral or the same tone to help the lipstick last a lot longer!

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