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Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' VS. Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Splashes' Mascara Battle/Review

Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' VS. Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Splashes' Mascara Battle/Review

So let’s do a battle! Let’s be real, when you hear YouTuber’s talk about amazing mascara’s at the same time you know you’re wondering if it will look good on you too. Or maybe I’m the only one that does that. But these past few weeks there has been two mascara’s that has been much raved about: TooFaced Better Than Sex and the Tarte Lights Camera Splashes and so I decided that it’s time for another mascara battle!

So if you want to try out the mascara’s raved about, make sure to keep reading!

In my last “battle” I realized that it became more of a review of each product and then saying which I prefer at the end. But this time there will be categories so, keep reading!


Better Than Sex.


Lights Camera Splashes

Which one my boyfriend prefers?

Better Than  Sex.

In his own words, he said it looks “sexy and thought provoking”.


Better Than Sex is quite wet and takes awhile to dry compared to the Lights Camera Splashes. Lights Camera Splashes has a very light and long wand for even application. Both mascara’s end up transferring to above the lash line. Depending on the heaviness of application, the Lights Camera Splashes can end up transfer in the undereye area more than the Better Than Sex. Regardless, both transfers onto the undereye.

Curl upkeep?

Better Than Sex weighs down the curl where it looks like I just didn’t curl it in the first place. The Lights Camera Splashes does a better job with holding a curl but it does slightly weigh it down a little. But not enough to make it a problem.


Lights Camera Splashes does not clump. Better Than Sex does after multiple applications. ‘nough said.

Second application test:

Better Than Sex becomes heavy and extremely clumpy. It makes my eyes look like a big ball of mess after. But it does end up adding more length after the second or even third application. Lights Camera Splashes makes the second coat extra lengthening.


Better Than Sex - $23 Light's Camera Splashes - $20


Better Than Sex has a very smooth hardware that feels elegant in your hands and makes you feel higher class. It's quite nice. Light's Camera Splashes's nice, but I do not like the packaging as much. It feels very unnecessary in my opinion.

Adjective used to describe:

“thick”- Better Than Sex; “elegant” - Lights Camera Splashes.


Tarte Lights Camera Splashes.


I prefer length to volume. I like the more natural look rather than layering on make up.

How are you guys doing? Which mascara do you prefer?

I really love them both, and if I run out of either, I might just end up repurchasing both of them. They are both great!

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