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Tarte 'Tarteist Clay Paint Liner' Review

Tarte 'Tarteist Clay Paint Liner' Review

I feel like I need to get this off my chest right now before you read this... I have EXTREMELY oily eyelids and while I have double eyelids, the place where I would put eyeliner touches the top of my eyelids. Which isn't helpful. When you add those two together, it makes it a very sticky situation for eyeliners.

Having said that, let's get into this review...which pains me to write. However, I pride myself in being honest, especially in something as expensive as make up.


It's a lot smaller than you thought it would be, but it is actually a lot of product since you only really need a little bit.

I'm actually surprised that the lid isn't made of bamboo...but I guess they wanted it to compliment the golden writing on the matte black background. They also give you a small brush that is at a slight angle to it that is meant to aid your application.

Here is the first con of this brush.

While it is an ingenious idea and greatly appreciated by someone like me who spends too much money on make up, it is also not as sharp of an edge as you would like. Therefore, if you are looking for a very thin yet defined eyeliner, this brush gives you a thick line. I like thin lines. But somehow it came out thick...

Something else that is quite annoying is that I am not someone who washes my brush on a regular basis (2 weeks - 1 month depending on how often I actually put on make up) but if you wear eyeliner on a daily basis, then you need to wash this brush on a daily basis as well. I don't know if you would want to take the risk of letting the bristles harden up...

But, it's a small brush so it wouldn't even take much effort. Just something extra to do during your busy schedule. (This is also an extra thing to pack during your travels.)


Aside from what has been mentioned above, it is actually quite pigmented. I'm actually surprised how black it is. That is great.

This eyeliner might not be good for those of us who have our lower eyelid folding up to our upper eyelid, especially in the inner corners of the eyes because after application, as soon as you blink, it transfers. It definitely takes a couple of seconds to dry.

Lasting Powder

Now here's the real negative part about this eyeliner.

Maybe it's because it's made of clay, but it SERIOUSLY smudges. (BTW, do NOT forget that I have oily + close together lids so please, please, PLEASE keep this in mind!)

My right eye is usually the one that gives me the most headache because that whole area folds into the upper eyelid whereras my left eyelid has some space.

So I'm used to eyeliner smudging on that eye.

However, this smudged on my eyelid within the hour and it was a very pronounced line. It took a lot of rubbing to get it do disappearing into a dull grey line that wouldn't be noticeable unless I was sleeping... I took that as a good since because then it doesn't rub off the upper liner as easily.

But what I was most surprised about is that it smudged on my left eye! And that eye hardly ever smudges (that's how thin I like my line to be)!

I rubbed it off, thinking nothing of it.

A good couple of hours later, both eyelids were a light grey and I was wearing no eyeshadow when testing this eyeliner out.

Not only did it do that, but some of it smudged as far as my dark circles! It was the first time it has ever happened to me, and it isn't because I tight lined my upper lash line.

Final Thoughts

I don't like it.

I'm sorry, but I just cannot bring myself to like it.

However, I am in no way, whatsoever, denying the greatness of this product. I would just recommend it if you either have a monolid or not a super deep double lid. And if you do not have super oily eyelids like mine...

I'm returning this. It would just be taking up space in my make up bag.

Sorry Tarte, I tried. (Here is a brand focus I did for Tarte.)

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