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Tarte Cosmetics Review

Tarte Cosmetics Review

Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation

I had heard amazing reviews of this product. This is the first mineral make up foundation and honestly, I am very pleased with the product. While it is expensive, I think it is very much worth it.

The packaging is really amazing and gorgeous. It feels very sturdy and safe. This is a very travel friendly product.

Now when you open it, it comes with a stopper so you KNOW the product won’t come out when you tip it upside down (which I don’t know why anyone would do that…).

I expected a full coverage foundation. And that is what I got.

It blends really seamlessly into my skin and it definitely covers up redness and acne scars or just plain acne. At first I didn’t think it was full coverage, but after I blended into the under of my eyes, I realized that my eye bags looked a little less dark and knew it did it’s job. I could walk out of the house without the need for concealer. That is a definite plus!

A word of caution though, you should definitely apply a primer before you use this foundation. It does end up clinging to dry spots on your skin and looks ugly instead of beautiful! Also, if you have acne (not acne scars) then the foundation doesn’t over it up all day. It does end up showing.

This foundation is really amazing and I am very happy with my first Tarte purchase.

Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush

I will never look at a kabuki brush in the same way ever again. Now, this brush IS expensive, BUT I think it really does help the quality of the Clay Airbrush Foundation.

This is a very dense yet soft brush and it picks up product very evenly onto the bristles. When I was cleaning it, it was so even that I didn’t even have to clean it very much and it was clean.

Now, if you have a dense brush that is supposed to be used for mineral foundation, you can use that one, but I think I love this one too much.

I have very little bad things to say about this foundation brush except for the fact that it could be a little longer. The shortness of the brush does make my hand cramp at times if I am using it too much.

Tarte smolderEYES (Brown)

I’ve heard some good things about Tarte eyeliner and decided that it was about that I try it since I wanted to take advantage of the F&F event they were having.

I initially bought this because I read some amazing reviews and I didn’t actually realize that this was the eyeshadow version of the eyeliner...After I purchased this though, I saw that eyeliner version and shrugged it off. This eyeshadow pencil had a lot more good ratings than the eyeliner so I was going to trust what I read.

And I’m completely NOT disappointed.

My first impression of this pencil was that it is chubby (but then again, it is an eyeshadow pencil so it isn’t that surprising, really…) but after I swiped it on the back of my literally set immediately! I tried smudging it on my hand to test its setting power and it literally wouldn’t budge! Then I tried rubbing my finger over it and it still barely budged. The staying power of this eyeshadow stick is crazy amazing!

Now, I actually bought this with the idea of smudging it around the bottom of my eyes to create a gentle cat eye/elongating my eyes because of the back smudger it has attached.

I do love that I don’t need another make up brush for it, but after you smudge the eyeliner, it stays on less well (the smudged part). If you tightline your eyes like me though, this pencil is a freakin’ dream! It goes no where, just like the swatch. It also takes a lot more energy to remove it at night, and that tells me something about it’s staying power.

This pencil is completely worth the amount of money. I have no regrets about this product. Literally too perfect to be true. Plan to purchase the black version for winter (I only wear brown because it’s warmer and less harsh if I tight line my waterline during the summer).

Tarte Lights Camera Splashes

Review posted:

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer (Park Ave Princess)

My first impression of this was that the packaging looks worry some because it isn’t one of the clasp make up packages and I trust the ones that have a click in them a lot more. But after opening this I realized that it won’t be much of a problem since it uses magnets and is pretty tightly sealed.

At first I actually thought that the shade was too light for me (I bought this online and usually the color is distorted to a good degree which is why I try not to buy make up online… same deal with clothes and shoes although that doesn’t stop me from doing it…) since I’m really tan and it’s actually lighter than my skin shade, but once you put it in it’s dark enough to define your face but not extremely dark that it takes peoples gaze off your skin. It’s crazy.

Once thing I already dislike about this bronzer is that after swirling it a bit it powders up. I hate that more than anything else because it makes the compact extremely messy. I hate it. I hate that so much.

Tarte BB Cream

This cream is very light weight and very blendable. I think BB Cream’s is usually meant for girls with less problematic skin. However, something that surprises me that this BB cream actually has quite a lot of coverage for a BB cream.

I love this BB cream, but even though the coverage isn’t great, I know that I’ll be wearing it quite a lot when I want an even skin tone and when I don’t necessarily want the heaviness of a foundation. I think the best way to wear this would be use concealer to cover up your dark spots first before you go over it with the BB cream. It can make it look like you are wearing foundation but not really.

Tarte Picture Perfect Duo

Now this set comes with a mascara but I gave it to my roommate because it’s the same mascara I have a full size of.

This eyelash curler is quite amazing. It definitely curls eyelashes beautifully and it also feels very luxurious. I had used a cheap eyelash curler in the past, and I realized the difference.

I didn’t realize that an eyelash curler can really change the way make up looks. I have no complaints about this product for sure.

Tarte Gifted

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Tarte Timeless Soothing Primer

Sadly I did not like this primer enough to keep it for more than one try. For me, it barely kept on my makeup and didn't give me the poreless look. But since I didn't keep it for more than one try, I feel inadequate to provide any sort of review.

2014 Holiday Sets

Brushed With Destiny

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Chic to Cheek

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Travel Make-Up Bag

Travel Make-Up Bag

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