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Rimmel 'Brow This Way' Review

Rimmel 'Brow This Way' Review


My Maybelline Brow Drama is on the verge of running out so I thought I would give this new brow gel a go since it's also new. Let's get into it shall we? 



Simple, direct.

The brush is quite large and chunky which will come into play when I apply it...


This formula is more liquidy than the Brow Drama and it is a lot easier to have too much brow product on the brush before applying it because of the amount of bristles. Even thought in the Brow Drama, it had a bigger brush, the bristles were sparse so it meant you could control how much product you used easier.

Not only is the formula liquidy by the brush being so big does not make it a very easier brow shaping gel to work with.

That being said, if you just wipe away some of the product before applying it, it is definitely a pleasant experience. The gel is extremely rich in color so it fills your brows out as well which the Brow Drama does not do as well for me.

Lasting Power


Good. No complaints there.

It stills feels like your eye brows and is not waxy.

Overall Thoughts

No problems with this brow product. I actually think I prefer this brow product to the Brow Drama right now. But I have still only used it for a couple of days. I do recommend to try this if you do not want to fill in your brows and then use styling gel.

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