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Revlon 'Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor' Review

Revlon 'Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor' Review

In my humble opinion, Revlon has turned into one of those awkward cosmetics brand that is expensive for drugstore but still cheap enough to not be a part of Sephora. This lipstick is what really convinced me of it. I have yet to have spent $9.99 for a drugstore lip stick. So let's check out my opinion shall we? 


It is in a beauty oval shaped form with a matte hard plastic covering. It has a lid that clicks in place to prevent it from drying out. It has a triangular dome foot applicator that makes it easy to apply on the lips. I do wish that the dome foot was a little bit more angular at the top to make it easier for the area of the lip with the cupid's bow. 

Initial Application

I think Revlon dumped an entire perfume bottle into this lipstick formula because as soon as you open this lipstick, it is extremely pungent. But thankfully it disappears after awhile and you don't taste it.

My initial feeling with this lip color is that it has an odd plastic feel on your lips, and to get it into a truly opaque color, you need two coats. Now, with initial application, it is quite shiny, but it definitely mattifies which, thank goodness it lives up to the name. But just like how it eventually mattifies, it also stops feeling like lipstick. I noticed that after a couple of hours wearing this, and after it has dried down, the only reason why I knew I was still wearing lipstick was because I knew I was trying a new product. But it really doesn't feel like lipstick. It just feels like it's your lips and you don't realize until you look into the mirror and see color on your lips.

Lasting Power

For me, this lasted extremely well. Even after having eaten dinner, the color was still visible and it wasn't patchy. With reapplication, it still remained smooth. Unfortunately I only tested the product for about half the day because I ran out of time in the morning to put on lipstick, but from what I have used it for, it definitely lasts.

Now, matte lipsticks always worry people for potentially drying out of the lips, and as someone who doesn't wear lip balm or use lip scrubs to exfoliate (yes, I know I should) that is also my concern. But even now, a day after using the lip color, I only noticed a slight drying of the lips on the inner lip part, and even then there was no peeling or annoyance. I just saw it in the mirror but didn't pay attention to it afterwards.

UPDATE: I wore the other color I purchased the next day, and I noticed much more peeling. That was a Monday. Today is Friday, and my lips are still recuperating from that matte lip color. I definitely recommend a good lip scrub before applying the lipstick and after you take the lip color off. Otherwise...I'm so sorry.

Final Thoughts

I don't know if I would feel good recommending this product, but I do recommend this product (I'm sorry bank accounts!!).

I recommend it despite the price because of its lasting power, it's ease of application, its thin yet opaque consistency, and its sleek packaging (although that's definitely the lesser reason).

For now, I have the colors 'Devotion' (which is the color I wore for this review) and 'Addiction'. They also came out with a nude, a red, and a more brighter pink (there may have been an orange but I don't remember!). Which the color selection is very basic, I think it definitely has something for everyone. As for me, I feel a little stupid spending $15 (it was $15 because CVS has BOGO for Revlon cosmetics) on lipstick, so I think I'm good with these two. Plus, I usually wear either pink or berry anyway.

I found this at CVS.

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