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Revlon 'Ultimate All-in-One' Review

Revlon 'Ultimate All-in-One' Review


I didn't know this was coming out until a few days before my flight back to Seattle and I saw the excessively large display at my local CVS. There were like five different mascaras with all a different lid and a different claim. So I immediately wanted to try it. It just took me awhile because I didn't want to carry a new mascara back home with me. 

I decided to just try the all in one mascara as opposed to them all and thought that if I really liked this one, I would try the others.


It has a very matte black bottle with a red lid (obviously).


It's fine packaging and gets the job done.

One thing I initially found odd was how small the wand it! I thought it was the weirdest thing and was wondering how it could be helpful with such a small wand. But it was actually quite good.


Since it is such a small wand, it's actually great for getting the inner corner lashes which other mascaras have such a hard time doing without getting the formula everywhere.


It's also amazing to get the lower lashes for the exact same reason.

Lasting Power

Shall we dissect this mascara by each claim?

Volume -- Remember Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? Well, that mascara is the only one I have ever used that gave me proper volume because I typically by mascara that gives me length more than anything. This mascara gives me the tiniest amount of volume. There is more volume added if you keep layering, but it does end up becoming chunky.

And it definitely smudges a little but I feel like it smudged because I put some of it on my lower lashes.

Length: This is the concept I am most familiar with, just because like I said above, I prefer length than volume. This mascara.... gives you the regular length, but nothing fancy that wows me. It wouldn't be the lengthening mascara I would gravitate towards.

Definition: I don't understand this concept because I haven't had a mascara that doesn't provide me with definition. But wearing this mascara absolutely opens your eyes. If you decide to only wear mascara, this one is pretty good for opening your eyes.

Lift: If this is the one where it means it holds a curl, I can attest to that.

Rich Intense Color: ....also a concept I am so confused about, this one more confusing than the other. But yes, it is black mascara.

Overall Thoughts

Like I said just a few words ago, this wouldn't be the mascara I would reach for automatically, but is a good back up. I also wouldn't repurchase this mascara.

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