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Revlon 'Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner' Review

Revlon 'Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner' Review


I can take a hint when my L'Oreal Liquid Eyeliner has given up working as well as it used to. (I actually don't even remember when I bought it...) And I decided to just buy a new liquid eyeliner, preferably one that isn't $20+ so I looked at the drugstore. I wanted to branch out of L'Oreal so decided to go with Revlon. They have a pretty good reputation and I was wondering if their liquid eyeliner could uphold that.

I bought the skinny version because my eyelids do not permit me to use thick eyeliner.


Standard. It's that weird pointy cylindrical shape where you twist off the cap.


The brush feels like an actual brush and is definitely extremely fine.

It's also small and compact, perfect for traveling.



Because it has such a thin brush, it's extremely easy to screw up your eyeliner if you do not have a steady hand (i.e. me). I typically close my eyes to apply my eyeliner, but I've found that I make more mistakes that way. Now, with this eyeliner, I need to open my eyes to get that steady hand. So for sure find a way to have a steady hand when applying this!

In terms of the product, it is quite liquidy, but not so liquidy that it drips every where. It applies on smoothly and extremely black. It does take a few seconds to dry so I wouldn't recommend looking up before it dries. And what I love about this eyeliner is that when it dries, it's matte. So you know it's dry.

Lasting Powder

For what it is, and for the price, this eyeliner definitely last long without flaking on me, or smudging so I have panda eyes.

If you have read my blog, then you know I got oily eyelids. And this eyeliner didn't smudge badly enough for it to be noticeable. Not going to lie, when I wore it extensively, there was a faint black trace of eyeliner on my upper eyelid, but it rubbed right off and wasn't even dark enough to be seen from afar.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this eyeliner is amazing. For now, I have stopped using my L'Oreal and just have kept up using this. It's a good formula and I love how it dries matte.

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