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Pixi Beauty 'Glow Tonic' Review

Pixi Beauty 'Glow Tonic' Review

I've been hearing this product praises for years, and I finally bought the travel size to give it a try. 

So check out my review below to see whether or not I would recommend it to you :) 

Perfect for those with acne. 

This product is mainly targeted for those with acne, so if you are one who gets acne often, or is going through puberty, this product might be for you. 

For me though, because I get ance once in a blue moon (I'm 22...) it doesn't really show me any progress. 

Will sting upon initial application because of the glycolic acid concentration. 

This was the very first thing I noticed when I used it the first couple times: it stings! So if you have a scar or anything, it will hurt. You've been warned. 

If you use it too much, you'll get dry patches. 

I have been using it for a solid 2-3 months, and yesterday I noticed that my under eye/cheek area had quite a bit of a dry patch. Now, before people start speculating, I have NOT changed my skincare routine since I added this product, and I do NOT have dry skin to begin with. 

As a heads up, I only used this once a day, if that. I am too lazy to wash my face twice a day xD

My skin is actually pretty oily, and only gets dry during the winter. 

So as soon as that dry patch became a thing, I knew it was this product. But it's also to be expected, since it does have glycolic acid in it. 

Therefore, if you have dry skin, even if you have acne, this product is probably a bad choice for you. 

Not good for every day use. 

Part of the previous point, honestly. I think it's good to use if you know you'll be breaking out, but it'll be important to give your skin daily/weekly breaks from this product. You can't use it every single day. 

Expensive for the amount. 

Honestly, I have used toner for the past year and a half, and yes it can get expensive, but the price of this product is kind of ridiculous. 

I think if you had the money to spare, or just have really bad acne, you can give this product a try. But otherwise I do not really recommend it, and I'm kind of baffled why this comes so highly recommended. 

BUT, products like these vary across different people, so if this review has put you off but you've been dying to try it, don't let me stop you. Just take my review into some consideration. 

What's your ultimate favorite skincare product? 

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