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NARS 'Audacious Mascara' Review

NARS 'Audacious Mascara' Review


Basically since this mascara became available, I've been meaning to try it. But I haven't really had the chance to until now.

Now that I have tried it....well, you'll have to read on ;) Or you can skip to the bottom haha


It has a very beautiful matte packaging, that is extremely NARS specific. If you took off the name, you could just tell.

Other than that, this mascara has no other interesting packaging.


The brush on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

This mascara claims to build volume and add length. But the way the brush is shaped, I feel that it builds more length than it does volume. And honestly, I have not had good experiences with the mascara's that say they build length AND volume. That's two claims to satisfy instead of one.

Anyway, we will get to that later. Let's talk about the brush.

It is very spidery. So spidery that if you accidentally poke yourself or put on your mascara too rough, it can really hurt!


And I've never felt that way about any mascara.

Initial Application

The initial application of this mascara is that with more and more layers, your eyelashes can get quite clumpy. And no matter how many times you run the brush through, it will never unclump, but may get worse.

You can most certainly try to put the mascara on your lower lashes, but they don't do anything except add a few pokes. Hopefully not in your eye.

Honestly, the application of this mascara is not very pleasant.

Lasting Power

This mascara is in no way water proof. It definitely smudges around the corner of the eyes. And it does do a little flaking over the period of the day.

It comes off super easily if you use eye make up remover.

Final Thoughts

After discovering my favourite drugstore mascara for a fraction of the price, in my very honest opinion, I do not like this mascara.

For what it claims to do, it doesn't really do it. It kind of delivers the promise, but then falls short. It's like a cake. It looks super appetizing, especially if you ordered it because you know what's inside. But once you actually taste it, it doesn't meet any of your expectations.

It's unfortunate because I love NARS foundation products. Don't like this mascara, so wouldn't recommend it.

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