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Monie Creme 'Color Prevails Lip Liner + Crayon' Review

Monie Creme 'Color Prevails Lip Liner + Crayon' Review

I don't know how I would call the kinds of brands that are entering drug store but they are no longer drugstore. Even the current drugstore brands like Maybelline and CoverGirl are becoming more and more expensive. I am expecting a new name for the kind of middle brands that are not cheap but are not crazy expensive either. They are just expensive enough to dent your pocket if you buy too much. Now, I made the mistake of checking out my local Walgreens because I didn't expect much change but I was completely wrong. There is so much new make up that I had to tell myself over and over again that I don't need new lipsticks, or eye shadows.

And then I stumbled upon the two new brands of the store and I had to check some stuff out.

This item is one of the items that really caught my eye.

There is a lot of companies out there that are now making two in one products but this product is one I have not seen much anywhere.

It is a duo lip liner and lip crayon color.

I have been into bolder eye make up looks lately, so every time I purchase a new lipstick I always go for the most neutral and this was no exception.

I purchased the color Rosewood because it was the most similar to my lip shade.

Let's start with the lip liner.

It is very smooth and easy to apply. But not long lasting whatsoever. It actually just reminds me of a lip crayon (like the Revlon Color Stay lip crayon range) in the form of a lip liner. Because when you kiss your lips together, it literally feels like a soft lip stick on your lips.

Now, the crayon is the biggest disappointment.

It's literally like a sheer wash of color.

Keep in mind that this product is $12 and it is way too expensive for what it does.

As a new blogger, I have finally understood why so many bloggers do not talk about things they have been disappointed in. Because who would read them?

But then I think to myself, if there are other people who are interested in this product, they might find reviews like this helpful.

Now, I must say that if you do not plan to eat or drink, this would be a great lip product. Also, if you are wearing a lipstick during the day and you need to quickly touch up, this would be a great alternative since it has both items meaning one less item for you to carry in your purse.

I am extremely tempted to return this but at the same time, I think it would make a great touch up lipstick. I haven't made up my mind just yet but I'm getting there.

I don't want to judge the entire line by one lip product so I'm not really going to make a final judgement. I really want to try their eye shadows so maybe my next review for their range is eye shadows. But anyway, this lip product offers little pigmentation and little lasting power (I think I barely got 2-3 hours use) so if you are looking for those two criteria's in lip products, steer clear!

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