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Maybelline 'Soft Matte Lipsticks' Review

Maybelline 'Soft Matte Lipsticks' Review

I heard Nicole Guerriero talk about these and I just didn't realize that there was a new Maybelline lipstick range out and as soon as I heard, I jumped at it. There are a lot more than these three I purchased but the other ones were two nude colors (which, from past experience, is too nude for my lips and skin tone) and two different kinds of red which I'm personally done with red because I have tons and I don't wear them often enough for me to justify purchasing more reds.

So I purchased three of my favourite of the 6 or 7 that came out.

Below are the color swatches. I just originally wanted to swatch it on my hand but the camera I used wouldn't focus on the back of my hand so...I bare my lips to the world!

695 Divine Wine 

670 Ravishing Rose

680 Mesmerizing Magenta

After 5+ Hours of wearing Mesmerizing Magenta

I love the colors a lot!

It's very creamy and easy to apply. It's also not as drying as I thought it would be after a couple of hours. Even after a lot more than 5 hours.

When you reapply it doesn't cling onto the dry patches and it reapplies as well as original application. However, if you do NOT reapply (which I didn't because I wanted to see how it ended) it becomes a stain on your lips and in that case, it does be somewhat drying but not to the point of unbearability (and it's not a word...sorry).

But these lipsticks are seriously a dream come true for some one who isn't usually a matte lipstick kind of person.

The lasting power of the color is crazing amazing. Even after 5 hours, it still hadn't completely faded away (which is a plus for a start) and even after I drank coup and ate rice + beef and just had food to eat it didn't completely fade. You could still see the color of my lipstick even from a distance. Of course, it isn't as vivid as when you initially apply it on, but it's still pretty decent in terms of pigment.

The price of these lipsticks are somewhat expensive but in my case, they are completely worth the money!

I think what kind of puts me off from Maybelline Lipsticks in general though is the packaging.

I really dislike the way their lipsticks are packaged. It looks fine when the lid is on the lipstick but when you take the lid kind of puts me off from using the lipstick. For these lipsticks, the packaging is a purple brown with a matte texture.

As for the color stickers, the color of the sticker is pretty close to the actual lip color which is also a plus. Good thing that when I bought it at CVS there was no safety seal so I could see the color.

If you live near a local drug store or Target, definitely go pick some up!

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