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Maybelline 'Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner' Review

Maybelline 'Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner' Review

I had used Liquid Eyeliner before (Stila), but I didn't like it. It was too much work and took too long. It was also hard for me because I couldn't stop my eyelashes from twitching every time I tried to apply. Well, I recently went to CVS and saw all these new Maybelline Liquid Eyeliners and decided to try it again. (I think Liquid eyeliner is really coming back since a lot of YouTuber's found Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner.)

As soon as I opened this eyeliner, I felt like I would really love it.

When I swatched it on my hand, it was a felt tip and the line could be as thin or thick as you want. The felt tip part is kind of long, so I thought it might be very flimsy. But it isn't. It's not stiff but also not flimsy. There is definitely enough movement to give you a perfect line above your lashes.

But as soon as I applied this, I fell in love with it.

It's very dark, and it isn't splotchy.

The liner itself is very smooth and as soon as you apply it, it sets.

Unfortunately this is NOT waterproof, but it is definitely smudge proof.

The Stila liquid eyeliner requires a certain amount of shaking before application. Fortunately, this liquid eyeliner does not do that so as soon as you remove the lid, you can pretty much just apply it and it will come out super dark and pigmented. 

I could probably go on about the amazing-ness of this eyeliner but let's go onto the not so great part about this eyeliner. If you are a cat eye enthusiast, or just enjoy doing cat eye's on others, you may want to avoid this eyeliner and here is why:

1. while I did say it's not flimsy and perfect for giving you a nice line above your lashes, it is definitely way too flimsy for a cat eye. The tip itself sways immensely so it doesn't make the line as precise as it can.

2. If you just use the tip, the ink can get somewhat splotchy. To apply my line, I usually hold the pen horizontally and use the side of the tip to line the eyes instead of the actual tip.

But, enough negativity.

Let's go onto the positive shall we?

1. Amazing pressure for upper line.

2. Lasting power is truly amazing. I have been wearing it in the gym and I have sweated like crazy for the whole hour, and it was still as black as night. The only place that ended up smudging a little bit is in the corner of my eyes which is barely noticeable unless you don't have much eyeshadow on.

3. There is no transfer. This was the biggest issue I had with the Stila liquid eyeliner. Because my eye lids are extremely folded so it's hard to find a eyeliner that sets fast enough for it not to transfer. Furthermore, even when I was sweating though, it still didn't budge.

However, today I learnt that I have really oily eyelids. And because of that, there is A LITTLE transfer but it isn't enough to be obvious unless you look very closely.

Overall, this eyeliner is so great. I know Maybelline came out with a ton of eyeliners at the same time, and after trying this one I am really excited to try the others.

Definitely check it out. I feel like it could probably be as good as the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (although maybe not as great for cat eyes).

Totally in love.

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