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Maybelline 'The Falsies Push Up Angel' Review

Maybelline 'The Falsies Push Up Angel' Review

If you have seen the ad for this product, you'll have seen Gigi Hadid's eyelashes up close and you would see that they were marketing this product as giving you eyelashes like angel's wings. 

Well, read on to see if it actually does that! 


I love the purple. Not sure why it's purple though because it's not a color typically associated with angel's in my opinion. 

The bottle it comes in is tapered so it makes it easy to grip onto when you are applying it.

But as soon as I opened the wand, I realized how it was supposed to give me those angel like eyelashes.

It is a very tapered brush, where there is only one side you can actually use. It's also not real hair but a synthetic plastic kind of mascara brush. I am personally not a big fan of this because in order to use this product right, you would have to be ambidextrous to be able to use the thicker side on the outer lash lines. But it wand still works in general. Just won't give you that effect if you only use one hand for both your eyes.   

Initial Application 

Maybelline mascara is pretty well known for drugstore, and this one's formula definitely doesn't disappoint. 

I will say that in order to really build it up, it definitely starts getting clumpy, especially because the mascara wand "hairs" isn't close together. So it is hard to coat all your lashes equally. 

The thinness of the wand definitely makes applying your lower lashes easy. But similar problem to the top lash, it's easy to over apply in one area because of the way the wand is. 

In general, I think the mascara has a little volume, a good bit of length and definition. 

Lasting Power

This mascara definitely holds a curl. 

There is some smudging but that only happens at around Hour 8-9. And it's super easy to remove. 

Final Thoughts 

I definitely think this mascara is worth wearing on the days where you want mascara, but not crazy length, volume, or definition. It's a product I would wear on a weekend (btw I do NOT wear make up on the weekends - unless I have to) if I want a pick me up. 

So I recommend this mascara for sure. It's a good addition to Maybelline's long list of Mascara options. 

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