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Maybelline 'Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon' Review

Maybelline 'Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon' Review


I was looking through my local Walgreens and saw theses. I was surprised coz I haven't seen them mentioned so I decided to pick up the most neutral one. Now, there was a sticker on the product that said that this is exclusively sold at Walgreens, so if you want to pick it up make sure to head to a Walgreens!


I don't know anything bad to say about this.

It is in crayon form. It twists the product up so you don't need a sharpener which is extremely convenient.

And since it does have a lid, it does have a mechanism to click shut so it doesn't dry out. It took me awhile to figure it out but thank goodness it has one.


Even though the tip is kind of pointy at first, it still applies on extremely smoothly. The color tattoo I have is no where as creamy as this formula, maybe because it's in a pot and this is in a crayon form.

It goes on very well and like always, with eyeshadow I use primer with one eye.

I noticed that the shadow seemed more pigmented with primer as a base.


This eyeshadow also blends beautifully. Because it is so creamy, it takes no time at all to blend out the edges, and you definitely don't need a brush. 

Lasting Power

Within a good couple of hours, the shadow on the eye without primer definitely creased.


And by the end of the day, the side with primer began to crease a little as well, but not as noticeable. 

I tried it again with primer on both eyes the next day and I noticed that if you are more generous with your eyeshadow primer, the eyeshadow stays on the entire day, with no crease.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I actually really love this eyeshadow crayon, especially because it's in crayon form.

I definitely recommend it. It is still pricey, because you know, it's Maybelline, but I actually think this is totally worth it. I will be buying other colors. This is a great color for all over your lid.

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