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Maybelline 'Color Sensational Rebel' Review

Maybelline 'Color Sensational Rebel' Review

Now I don't follow any of the drugstore make up brands so I never know when there is new things coming out. However I recently had to go to the drugstore because I needed to get some things...but I ended up leaving with two Maybelline Rebel lipsticks. Now, in general, the colors are very bright.

When I went through all the colors I felt very discouraged to buy any of the colors at all and here's why: they are extremely bright colors.

Of course, they are not neon colors. But they are a muted bright and so I was thinking to myself the whole time looking at the colors that why would anyone wear such bright colors in the dead middle of winter? Perhaps this is just them coming out early with Spring colors but I live in the East Coast and spring won't happen until March or even late April so what was the point?

But, there were two colors that I could possibly pull off so I bought those two, intending to try them out.

Now if you have ever tried or had a Maybelline lipstick, you would know that they are very good, for drugstore lipsticks.

These are no exception.

They are very pigmented and not dehydrating.

However, if you have read my review on the Soft Matte lipsticks then a lot of the things that was in that lipstick line don't necessarily stand in this lipstick line.

The pigmentation is still there, but only after initial application.

However the lasting power of these lipsticks are not there. Compared to the matte lipsticks, these are a disappointment in staying power. It can disappear in an hour or two and that's without drinking or eating anything.

The packaging of this line is a muted fushia pink and is still the same packaging. My friend and I were getting ready for a party and she said she bought this new lipstick but she wasn't sure what brand it was and as soon as I saw the tube, I knew it was Maybelline.

That's how their packaging is becoming too boring if I can recognize it within a second.

I want them to change their packaging. It's getting boring, and it also makes the tube with the lipstick really ugly by itself...

I don't know, this line is a little bit of a disappointment for Maybelline after their Soft Matte lipsticks were so amazing.

Something else I dislike is that even though the color is pigmented, it isn't pigmented enough to smooth over the lines of my lips ie. you can see the lines of my lips if you're close enough....

Despite the negative review I've given so far, the two colors I bought are really great nude/neutral colors that will go nicely if I wear a very bold eye (but that doesn't stop me from breaking the rules!). So in that compartment, it's very nice with a bold lip.

The nude color took me awhile to get used to because I thought it made my lips look so pale (it's more pale than my skin tone so it's very obvious...) but it didn't look too bad on me. So thank goodness.

Overall, I don't think these Maybelline lipsticks are worth it, unfortunately. Unless you love bright colors all year around, then go crazy! P.S. They are a little expensive.

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