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Marc Jacobs 'Re(marc)able Foundation' Review

Marc Jacobs 'Re(marc)able Foundation' Review


When I saw this foundation get released on Sephora's weekly emails, I knew I wanted to try it. So I bought it on a whim.


I got to admit, it's Marc Jacobs so the bottle is extremely fancy. It's made of a very thick glass with a lid, that comes with a twisty top.

In all honesty, I love the packaging. But it is EXTREMELY inconvenient for someone like me who travels back and forth home every 3-4 months. Therefore, in that way, it's not such a great packaging.

Furthermore, even though I've used it once, I did see that it gets quite messy with continued use. Especially because it is a twisting top.

Now, the tip of this is VERY similar to the Maybelline Dream Wonder but without the tip.

I don't know how I feel about that... It's helpful for what it is and for what it was meant to do (you're supposed to put a dot on your forehead and then one on each cheek for full coverage.

Speaking of full coverage...


On the first layer, like I said, it's meant to be full coverage but in my opinion, it's medium coverage. It definitely covers minor redness and light scarring however, if you want full full coverage, you'll need two layers. However, if you are looking for a natural coverage, the first layer is more than enough.

Now, on the second layer I put some more on my forehead (and I'm breaking out there) and under my eyes to see if I could cover my bags. And it definitely did. Which is impressive, considering how heavy my bags are. However, I recommend setting it individually if you use it under your bags otherwise it will crease in under 5 minutes.

I consider it to be a demi matte finish. It has a slight glow but nothing that will make you look shiny.


Since it is supposed to give off full coverage, it is a thicker cream consistency. And because it is quite a thick cream, it takes a lot more work to rub it into the skin. But there are no streak marks and it settles in nicely.

When you look at it far away, your skin looks FLAWLESS.

The initial application may be a bit sticky to the touch, but it dries within seconds. Not that big of a deal if you apply powder immediately after application.


The lasting power of this foundation is as good as all good foundations. I know that sounds ambiguous but there are no real complaints. While most of the foundation did end up rubbing off my nose area, and it did crease back under my eyes (I took a picture of it but to see it I gotta crop it and after I crop it it's not clear enough...sorry!). It also didn't fully cover my under eye circles for the whole day.

But for the most part, this foundation is worth it.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn't necessarily highly recommend this product, HOWEVER, for what little you need, it's totally worth the hefty $55.

I only did 7 dabs and it gave me a flawless coverage.

So I'm keeping it and definitely using it for the rest of the year. Tempted to try the primer too...

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