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Make Up Forever '50 Shades of Grey Lip Trio Tease Me' (Innocent) Review

Make Up Forever '50 Shades of Grey Lip Trio Tease Me' (Innocent) Review

In honor of the newly released movie, I thought it would be great to do a review of some of the beauty products that is tied to the movie. Of all the things Make Up Forever came out with, this kit most interested me. And here is my full review.

Aqua Rouge

I really just wanted to buy this, but I thought it was much more worth it to buy the set since it was around the same price range anyway. Make Up Forever really does not disappoint.

Let's begin with the smell. It smells like old lady lipstick. You know that smell of lipstick your mother used to wear when you were a child. Fortunately, the smell isn't empowering and it's only noticable after initial application.

In terms the applicators, I really love the lip brush on the gloss side. It really helps with giving good precision when you are applying the gloss. It prevents the gloss from going everywhere. The dome foot applicator on the color side is already pretty great. While it isn't as precise as the lip brush, it is easier to get it some what precise because it isn't very big but somewhat small and dainty.

Now, the lip color. When you apply it, it is very smooth and it doesn't sink into any fine lines or dry patches. It dries down to a matte and it also dries quickly. It isn't extremely sticky, but it is if you put your lips together. (The good thing about this color is that even if you put your lips together the color doesn't get all splotchy and uneven.)

Once you apply the gloss though, it definitely locks into the color. Even though the gloss does make it somewhat sticky, it is completely bearable and is hardly noticeable once the gloss somewhat sets. The good thing about the gloss though, is that it feels very smooth on the lips. I've never been more in love with a glossy lip color before.

What I love about these kind of lip colors is that it is totally kissable. Whenever I am to see my boyfriend I stop wearing lipstick because it'll just end up transferring onto him but I don't have to worry about this lip color. The only thing I would have to worry about is the glossy but that's easily rectifiable.

Another great thing about this lip color compared to the drug store versions (Rimmel and L'Oreal: ) it is much easier to remove.

Aqua Lip

This is the first every lip pencil I have tried and honestly, I am really excited to add more to my collection.

This lip pencil is extremely creamy when you apply it. It dries to a matte finish and can be pretty drying on your lips by itself. The color itself is also very buildable. If you want a general line, then this is great. But if you wantmore of a color then you can completely build it up as well.

There is honestly nothing bad I can say about this product other than just do not wear it on your own.

Lab Shine

This was the only product that I was really iffy about. Like I said before, I'm not a huge fan of glosses. I had that my hair sticks to it when it's windy, and I hate the slimy feeling it gives my lips.

However, this gloss was much better.

It smells very sweet (like a jelly drink I used to drink when I was a child).

One of the great things about this is that it uses a lip brush as the applicator rather than a dome foot, which I am forever grateful for.

In the tube, it's a very pale pink with specks of glitter. However once you put it on your lips the glitter almost becomes invisible. It gives your lips a great dimension and makes it look very luscious and big.

Overall review

If you were to use all three products on your lips, your lips would begin to feel extremely heavy. You know that feeling when you have too much make up on your face? Yeah, that's what it feels like, but on your lips.

Sadly though, if you really do use all products, you could achieve the same color and look if you used the lip pencil and the lab shine. The effects would be the exact same as if you used all the products.

What I love most about this kit is that it's such a beautiful nude. If I were to describe the color I would say it's a very brown nude color with a hint of pink. It can also look like a perfect pale nude rose color if you do not add in the lip color and the lab shine.

I would most definitely recommend this kit. I think it is completely worth the money because you can use all these products together, or separately with other products. Whenever I buy kits like these I always have to go for multi-use. And this package is the definition of that.

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