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L'Oreal 'Voluminous Super Star Liquid Eyeliner' Review

L'Oreal 'Voluminous Super Star Liquid Eyeliner' Review


These have been popping up all over the place. I’m not talking about mascara’s, I’m talking about the mascara’s that have a primer with it.

I saw this at Target and decided to give the whole primer + mascara thing a try. Here’s what I found…


Extremely chunky. I think because they want the regular size amount of mascara they decided to make the part that holds the mascara more fat. But it’s just annoying and takes up a lot of space.

Although, I must give props to L’Oreal for the gorgeous silver and the fact that to know that it is closed, there is an extra pop you do when you fully twist it. Very nice touch.

Initial Application

The primer wasn’t as white as I thought it would be. What it really did was add a lot of volume to my lashes. I swear, I thought my lashes were growing as I put it in there. I didn’t know what was going on!

Unfortunately, the mascara pretty much only blackens the white and doesn’t really add much length.

So, like the title says, it’s volumizing ONLY.


Now, the mascara held up pretty well, but, for the two days I wore them, it kept smudging onto the bottom of my lashes! I thought it was because of the eyeliner I wore, but then one day I just wore the mascara on my eyes, and still the same. To me, that’s not great. What if I was to attend a party and wouldn’t be checking the mirror every couple of hours?

To me, that dampened the interest I had in it.

Now, I decided to do a experiment, to see if the primer actually does work. (My thoughts on the primer is that it is kind of lame. It definitely added value, but I expected more white-ness. Initial application of the primer didn’t have a lot of wow factor. It felt like a normal black mascara but white.)

So on the second day, I tried the mascara on one eye, and then the primer + mascara due on the eye. Unless you stare at my eyes, they pretty much look the same. The only real difference is that the eye with primer has an extra small oomph of volume which makes my lashes look thicker. But it’s pretty much just the mascara.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try a lash primer, this one is worth it since you are paying two for one (I still cannot believe how expensive drugstore make up is becomming.). And it does work, don’t get me wrong. But for all the mascara’s I’ve tried, this isn’t the best of the best. Still, I’ll keep using it, but only for the days where I know I won’t need to wear it for long.

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L'Oreal 'Voluminous Super Star' Mascara Review

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