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L'Oreal 'Voluminous Lash Paradise' Review

L'Oreal 'Voluminous Lash Paradise' Review

This is the newest addition to L'Oreal's mascara line, and as someone who swears by my L'Oreal mascara's, I had to try this new one. 

Hybrid of length and volume. 

I think for a mascara that boosts volume, it also adds a good amount of length. It doesn't necessarily do either well, but it does both well enough that you can get on board with it. 

For me, I was always a strict length kind of a gal, but after using L'Oreal mascara's, I am now a hybrid kind of girl, and I love that this does both. 

Good separation of lashes but with minor chunkiness. 

When you first apply the first layer, the lashes separate well, and it is very individualized. 

But the volume and slight chunkiness comes in after you keep adding more layers. 

Now, I don't think chunkiness is bad. I've noticed that volumizing mascara's have to have a bit of chunkiness in the formula for it to do volumizing well. So the amount of chunkiness in this mascara is perfect. 

Less smudging than the Voluminous mascara. 

After wearing them side by side for the entire day, towards the end of the day there were less smudges on this mascara in my under eye than the voluminous mascara. 

Now, I will say that even though both mascara's have this issue, it is easily rectifiable, so I have long stopped seeing that as a con. 

Using it with the Voluminous Base gives it an extra boost. 

I feel like this is pretty self explanatory, but because the base gives you volume already, this just gives you a little bit extra if you want more volume. 

I have noticed that with the base, there is even less smudging than without. 

 Left: Voluminous Lash Paradise | Right: Voluminous Carbon Black 

Left: Voluminous Lash Paradise | Right: Voluminous Carbon Black 

Overall, I do like this mascara, and it came at a good time. My Voluminous Mascara is drying out :p 

I haven't yet made my decision as to whether or not this mascara would replace the Voluminous, because the Voluminous mascara is just that good. But if you want to try L'Oreal mascara, this wouldn't be a bad place to start at all. 

What's your favorite drugstore mascara? What's your favorite high-end mascara? 

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