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L'Oreal 'Voluminous Base' Review

L'Oreal 'Voluminous Base' Review


I stumbled upon this item by accident while I was doing a quick browse of the drugstore. This purchase was by accident because I haven't seen this product anywhere on YouTube. But I had heard a lot about the whole mascara base thing in recent years and wanted to look into that, to see if it's really worth the extra step.

Anyway, let's start! 


In terms of the packaging, it's almost the mirror image of the original Voluminous mascara. It's like yin and yang.


The brush is also the same. But it's just white.


Initial Application

I'm not going to lie, the white definitely freaked me out at first. But it's easy to get used to. But the good thing about this base is that it adds the same amount of volume as the original mascara.

But since it is white, it actually clears if you leave it on for a few extra seconds. So on initial application, it's opaquely white. But as time goes by, you just see the volume and not the white base.


Once you apply the original mascara on top, it definitely boosts the volume of the original mascara (which is a plus in my head!).

Lasting Power

One thing I noticed about this base is that when I wear the original mascara (review here) by itself, it smudges by the end of the day on the corners. When I apply the mascara on top of this base though, the combination prevents any smudging. Just this alone makes me very impressed with the base because the mascara ends up clinging better on the base than on bare lashes.

This is a base so it is definitely hard to comment on whether it "lasts" all day. But I didn't see any differences in my lashes so I'm going to say it does "last".

Final Thoughts

I LOVE this base. It gives me even more than the mascara alone when paired with the original mascara formula. I don't think I will be able to wear mascara alone anymore.

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