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L'Oreal 'Infalliable Paints' Review

L'Oreal 'Infalliable Paints' Review

I was browsing my local drugstore when I found these and I had just recently fallen back in love with their Infallible Pro Matte liquid lipsticks so I thought I would give this a drug. 

Big mistake. 

Find out why... 


When I initially got this product, I thought the applicator would be similar to Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, but no, it's a dome foot applicator with a curve in it to fit with the contours of your lips. 

For the most part, I have no complaints for the applicator except I think it's designed to fit thinner mouths, so if you have a thick mouth like me, or thicker than me, then you might use the curved part of the applicator less. 

But overall, the packaging of the product is fine. 

Initial Application 

I didn't actually notice the curved part of the applicator until I reapplied the lipstick in the middle of the day because when you take it out, the curved part actually takes up a lot of the product. 

It goes on smooth, like any other lipstick. 

It's basically a liquid lipstick. 

However, this is where the product isn't so great. I typically apply multiple layers of lipstick on and as I applied the second layer, I start seeing patches where after I apply a second layer, it's wiped out the first layer. 

So it's more of a hassle to make the entire lip look even. 

Lasting Power

As the day goes on, if you are like me and subconsciously smack your lips together to ensure your lips still have color, then you'll start seeing a lot of patches within the first few hours. 

Within the first few hours, I also noticed a massive amount of feathering in the edges. Now, this has got to be one of the first products I've used where I've noticed such significant amounts of feathering. Probably because this color is so prominent and not my skin color. But it's a lot. 

And the thing about the feathering is that for the most part, if people are looking at you from afar, they don't notice it, until people start close to you. 

Also, I highly recommend you exfoliate your lips before applying this product, because it clings to all sorts of lines. And it's the annoying kind of clinging too. 

Final Thoughts

This review has been mostly negative, and I think it may have been more negative because it's such a prominent color and it's more obvious than if it was a nude color. 

I will note that the color range for this product is impressive. There are 3-4 shades of nudes, a blue, red, 2 shades of orange, and I think a darker color than the purple I got. 

So if you want to try this product out, I recommend trying a nude color as a tester before venturing out into a bolder color. 

But even though I loooooove this color, I'm returning this product. I'll never wear it again with the amount of problems the product causes. 

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