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L'Oreal 'Infalliable Pro Matte Lipgloss' Review

L'Oreal 'Infalliable Pro Matte Lipgloss' Review

I know this review is coming in late, but better late than never right? Okay, let's start with the packaging.

It is an odd rectangular hourglass shape and I don't understand it. I think it's supposed to be helpful with holding onto it, but I am personally not a huge fan of the design. I'd prefer just a regular rectangular gloss tube.

Anyway, moving past that, let's move onto application.

I would say that it dries to a demi-matte. The reason I say this is that there is a little shine, but in certain lighting it almost looks matte.

The applicator itself is a little bit too big for my opinion. I would imagine that no one has big enough lips to use the applicator well. But, despite that, the lipstick (yes, I would call it a lipstick) does not sink into fine lines. It glides on so smoothly it makes your lips look completely smooth.

Now, I call this "gloss" a lipstick because it is definitely not a gloss. I expect a gloss to be kind of sheer and very brightening and sticky. But this does none of that. It's thick, pigmented, and literally feels like you're wearing a melted lipstick on your lips. It reminds me greatly of the Too Face Melted. I would probably go as far as saying that this is the dupe for the Melted.

The smell is also poignant. It reminds me cherries with the hint of old lady lipstick. You know that smell of lipstick that Lancome usually has...

It's like L'Oreal decided to add that smell in after it formulated the lipstick. It's not a huge deal though, because it goes away after awhile so, thank goodness.

In terms of removal, it is quite stubborn once on your lips.

Usually by the end of the night my lip color will be gone, but not this one. There is still a hint of color and even my make up remover cannot remove it. I have to rely on my cleansing oil to remove it completely off my lips. That should say something about it's lasting power.

Now, let's talk about it on the lips.

In the first hour, I checked the mirror/phone camera, and realized that it bleeds out of the lips. It's not very noticeable unless you're smiling and there is someone up close to your lips. (It still bleed when it is on top of your lipstick but not that bad.)

Something that surprises me about this lipstick is that it isn't drying at all! And even when it has dried completely, it's still very comfortable.

In terms of lasting power, unless you plan to not have any food or drink (which obviously, I do not recommend), the middle part of the lipstick goes first obviously. And, after awhile, so does the rest of the lipstick. Sadly, you are left with a weird outline around your lips which isn't bad if you buy a color that is somewhat similar to your lip color.

The good thing is though, is that when you reapply, it goes on just as smooth, and just as beautiful.

I have no real terrible thing to say about this lip product. If this is how all glosses in the market are, I would love glosses a lot more.

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