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LOC x Tati 'One and Done Shadow Stick' Review

LOC x Tati 'One and Done Shadow Stick' Review

Tati is one of my favourite YouTubers because she speaks honestly, and doesn't mind speaking her mind about make up products. So when I saw that she was releasing some make up products, I jumped onto the bandwagon. I jumped on it because I trust her opinion and expertise and knew that she would not be part of a company or product if it didn't actually have quality.

So I ordered 'Impress Me' & 'Nite Owl'. I wanted to use 'Impress Me' as an everyday shadow stick, because if it really does have all it's claims, then it would be perfect for me. 'Nite Owl' because I love purple, and would love to add some colored shadow back into my life.

And here is where I am a little mad so I will be ranting a little bit. I ordered the shadow sticks the day I saw her Snapchat which was back on the 14th of October. One week later, I received 'Impress Me', but 'Nite Owl' still hasn't been shipped and I have gotten no notice about it. Now, usually, when something like this happens, the company would send out an email saying that they may be back ordered and apologize. But days have gone by and I have heard nothing from Birchbox. If they do not fulfill my second request, I'm going to have to shoot them an email. In a world where service is almost expected to happen instantaneously, I'm not going to be rude and ignorant to discredit Birchbox as a company just because of this incident, but it does make me question them slightly. Birchbox began as a subscription feed, and now they have expanded into something similar to Sephora and I am wondering if they are truly able to take on that task. Either way, you are not here to hear me complain, so let's get into the product!

UPDATE 10/27/2015: They have finally shipped my second eyeshadow stick!


I'm not even going to try and hide it from anyone, but my initial reaction to this make up item was how small it is! I somehow expected a $10 shadow stick to be larger. However, I do give it the benefit of doubt that maybe they just didn't do what other companies did and waste space (especially like those chip bags!). 

That's pretty much the only problem I have with the packaging. Which isn't even the packaging itself at fault.

Initial Application

I'm going to be honest with you, it is quite a thick shadow and extremely opaque. It has a gorgeous shimmer that is almost metallic with no heavy chunks of glitter in it anywhere.

When you put it onto your eyelids however, either use your finger quickly to blend it, or use a blending brush and blend it in. It was much easier for me to make it look flawless with a brush than with my finger. 

Lasting Power

I am a girl typically with extremely oily eyelids. Even when I do not wear eye shadow, by the end of the day my eyelids are extremely shiny. So when I typically try out eye shadow, I use eye shadow primer on one eye, and nothing on the other, to see if it is good for those people who do not want to waste money on primer.

In this case, one of the things that stood out to me with all of Tati's claims is "creaseless". I have yet to have an eyeshadow that is "creaseless" so for me, that was an extremely important claim to try for myself. Now, you should be fully aware that everyone's body and skin is different, so what doesn't work on me, may work on you, and what works on me, may not work on you. So, this is all from my perspective.

I have had shadow crease on my like crazy. And yes, this shadow still creased. However, it wasn't super noticeable and it wasn't all across my lid. It was a little in the middle, and it was able to disappear with a few quick wipes.

But, on the eye I wore primer on, it was perfect. No creases, no nothing. So, I think that this shadow would be great for those with either non-oily eyelids, or for those who have a good eyeshadow primer.

Final Opinion

Honestly, I think this is a product worth having. With a few quick swipes on the outer corner of your lid and a quick couple of strokes on the crease, it is a very quick make up look. And I swear that I am not just saying this because it is co-made by one of my favourite online personalities. For what it is, and for what it does, it is worth it in my opinion. I just pray that Birchbox will not be so slow with my other purchases, if I choose to buy more. And I want to, but I don't want to have given them my money and then not see the product I bought.

Still, this is a product I wish could be more easily accessed like at CVS or Walgreens, but, it is a working process. Can't wait to see and test more!

To order shadow sticks: here.

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