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Kat Von D 'Ink Liner' Review

Kat Von D 'Ink Liner' Review


Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner is a staple in a lot of people's make up bag, and honestly, that was the one I wanted to try. But in my Sephora trip, I wanted to make a quick getaway so I didn't leave with too many things, so I just picked up the Liquid Eyeliner in display and thought it was the Tattoo Liner. Unfortunately it was the Ink Liner.

But I'm not sad about it. Because I think I found my favourite eyeliner... 



Initial Application

This eyeliner is surprisingly no fuss. Because of the thickness of the tip, it builds a line very quickly, and since it is kind of a stiff felt tip, it also adds thickness easily without having to go over it again and again.

I managed to build a line quicker than usual, and it is blacker than usual. I also noticed with this eyeliner that I don't even need to tight line my upper eyelid because it just gives off that tight lined look!

And when I drew on side too thin, it took two seconds to get it to the same thickness as the other eye.

In terms of application, this has got to be the least fuss eyeliner I've ever used. And I'm not even exaggerating.


Lasting Power

Oh this eyeliner is no joke.

It does not budge.

And for my stupid oily eyelids, it also doesn't smudge, no matter how long I've worn it for.

One time, I wore it without mascara so I thought I could just use my Origin's Cleansing Oil to wash it off (because that washes off every trace of make up!) but after using two pumps (how much I usually use), every bit of my make up came off except this eyeliner.

I don't know what Kat Von D puts in here but this eyeliner is amazing.

Overall Thoughts

I know that I am not the last person to discover Kat Von D eyeliner's but this Ink Liner is amazing. And I know that more people talk about the Tattoo Liner than the Ink Liner so in the near future I will be doing my comparison. But in the mean time, this eyeliner has become my staple, and I don't think I will be using drugstore eyeliners any time soon.

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