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Jenn Im X ColorPop Review

Jenn Im X ColorPop Review


Before I begin this review, I am aware that while this is a collaboration with ColorPop, the quality of the lip items and eye shadows are not necessarily controllable by Jenn so if there is a quality problem, I will hold ColorPop "responsible". Therefore, this review will more be able the color and the looks/versatility this line can give.I don't remember when I first started watching Jenn's YouTube videos but I do know that when I did begin, I loved and still love, her like an older sister I never had.

She is one of the few fashion-centric YouTuber's I watch that generally give good tips on fashion. Even though what she wears sometimes is a bit out there, I really draw my inspiration from her fashion posts/videos. Although, I do suspect that one of the reasons why I love her more than others is because even though she's a bid YouTuber, she still wears normal every day people stuff. She doesn't just wear high-end fashion brands, but also wears brands like Target, Dailylook, and Topshop (although I do find Topshop expensive sometimes haha).

When she came out with this collection, or at least when I knew of its existence, I knew it would be amazing.

So when it was finally available, I jumped on it and managed to get every item in the collection, even though half of the items is what I would never wear on my face.

Regardless, I wanted to support her, and perhaps use this opportunity to be more adventurous.

Anyway, enough intro, let's get to the reviews! (Since this is a brand review, I will not be reviewing each item the same was as I usually do an individual item.)




Lippe Pencil (Dohee) 


This lip pencil is a gorgeous coral shade. I mean, her entire range of lipsticks is coral so, this is no surprise.

However, I think this is actually the most coral of the bunch.

When applied, it does just glide on, however I did notice that it doesn't stick to patchy bits of my lips as well. So definitely exfoliate your lips before applying that.

This pencil is made with plastic so for a second I thought we couldn't sharpen it. But it does sharpen however it won't give you that pencil sharpening feel, so just beware of that! Don't sharpen it too much!

Lippie Stix (Jenneration X)


Jenn herself describes this as a more red toned coral, and that is absolutely true. It does have more hints of red to it than hints of pink.

This is also a glide-on formula and it is matte. However, with this formula as well, I did notice that it doesn't do well with patchy lips either. It's not necessarily noticeable far away, but up front, the patches are really visible.

Even though it does cling onto patches, it is a very velvety formula and it almost feels like there's nothing on your lips.

I could generally go about the day without realizing I have anything on my lips.

I don't know what made me doing it but I did the kissing test, and while there was a little residue, it wasn't a full blown lipstick transfer. Which is a thumbs up in my books!

I also love how this product comes in slanted in a nice angle to get the perfect clear lipstick application.


The lasting power on these lipsticks is amazing! I actually think they would've lasted longer if I didn't forget that I was wearing lipstick.

Which is a testament to how comfortable they are on your lips!

What surprised me even more is when at the end of the day, after having taken off the lipstick and lip liner combo, my lips still felt totally normal, not dried at all, and had retained all it's moisture. I don't know how Color Pop did it, but these formula's are one of a kind, and truly amazing!

Ultra Satin Lip (Dohee)


So not going to lie, I thought that this lip product would be kind of disappointing considering how much I enjoyed the other two products. Also, in the tube, it looks so orange that I was hesitant to try it on, but I did pay for it so I knew I had to try it at least.

So my thought on this is... I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!

No joke, head over heels for this lip shade, and lip formula.

First off, unlike the Lip Stix, it doesn't cling onto dry patches or uneven patches on the lips when you apply it.

It is very matte and even though there is a slight stickiness like a gloss, it is totally bearable and it isn't like the kind of stickiness that makes it a pain to open and close your mouth.

It's a very velvety texture on the lips and honestly, it looks so beautiful on my skintone. Which I didn't think it would anyway.

Even though in the packaging it looks kind of orange, it still has a beautiful hint of pink. I posted on my Snapchat that this is my official summer color. And I'm so not lying. If I was to get wind of them discontinuing this collaboration in the hopefully-not-too-distant- future, this would be the first product I would manically try to restock.

Now, when I put this one I didn't really get to try it for longer than 2-3 hours so I don't really know if it wears well throughout the day with food and stuff, but I don't really care. Just the color and the formula was enough to sell me.



Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Quad


After owning this quad, I now understand why people are obsessed with ColorPop eye shadow.

It is a BEAUTIFUL cream eye shadow formula.

All the colors just kind of glide around and it also feels very bouncy. I do wish ColorPop could make it less bulky though...

Anyway, back to Jenn's quad!

They are all beautiful colors, with one metallic, one matte, and two satin (matte with subtle glints of shimmer).

What I wanted to know when I saw this is why she put a red into the palette when 3/4 colors is such a neutral tone. Regardless, it's not really my place to question her judgement since I'm sure she has her own reasons.

After trying this product out, I would say that since the product is a cream formula, it does take a bit more blending than powder eye shadows. However, it does blend out beautifully.

I noticed after deciding how to apply it, that there is no cream base shade which, I prefer. Otherwise, no matter how you work it, you'll never have a "light" eyeshadow day, even if you don't use Quatre.

For the most part though, I loved the eyeshadows and the pigmentation. For Un, even though it looks like a gorgeous cream colored shimmer shade, it adds very little cream but a lot more shimmer. I swear I saw it turn transparent on me, but I could've been mistaken. Regardless, after you apply it you see more of the glitter than the color. There is also a little fall out on this product which, is the first time I've ever had that happen to me. But it's not a crazy amount.

Overall, this product is amazing and beautiful colors.

The eyeshadow lasts with and without an eyeshadow base for the most part. Although, at the end of the day I did notice that the shimmer shade, Un, started to fade and the sparkles disappeared by the 8-10 hour mark but for the most part of the day, it lasted. So if you are not planning to wear it for more than the typical work day, you're good!

If you cannot afford the entire line, I would suggest pick up the Ultra Satin Lip in Dohee more than the other items. While every single item is top notch and is amazing on it's own, the Ultra Satin Lip was the only one that made me hyped, and excited for summer.

Still, props to Jenn and the entire Color Pop company for doing so well on this collaboration. So well in fact, that I will be spending more money soon in the not-too-distant-future!

Love you Jenn (if you're reading this ultra long review haha) <3

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