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Introducing: EM cosmetics 'Infinite Lip Cloud'

Introducing: EM cosmetics 'Infinite Lip Cloud'

 This post is NOT sponsored by EM or Michelle Phan. I wish it was :P All products were purchased with my own money. 

This post is NOT sponsored by EM or Michelle Phan. I wish it was :P All products were purchased with my own money. 

Michelle Phan recently revealed her new make up brand, and launched her first batch of lip products. I got my hands on two colors I would never wear, and scroll down for the full written review ;) 

If you would rather see the video review instead, check out the video down below!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 4.39.00 PM.png

Lighter than a feather. 

I cannot stress how much this is true. 

I spent the entire day wearing this product and I honestly forgot that I was wear it until I passed by windows or mirrors. It was super easy, and low maintenance. 

Immediately matte.

This is pretty self-explanatory. The product in the tube will initially apply a little shiny, but it will be matte after a few seconds. 

I do not recommend you smack your lips together to get the product on both lips after initial application. That will just desaturate the color. You can do whatever you want after the product has set (which is less than a minute!). 

The most comfortable lip product ever. 

Goes hand in hand with the very first point -- it is very comfortable. It doesn't sink into weird lines on your lips, and applies very evenly. 

Beautiful colors. 

I only bought 2, but I wish I ventured out and bought the red as well because they are just such amazing products. 

Not drying. 

This was very important for me, and it definitely delivers! 

I've been wearing it for three days consecutively and have had no peeling, no drying feeling, and no chapping. I think this lip product is a God send. 

I HIGHLY recommend these products, and even though these lip products aren't cheap ($16/product) they are completely worth the money. 

EM Cosmetics is officially launching April 17th and I am unbelievably excited to try out her other products. 

EM Cosmetics is the first brand and make up products I've ever reviewed in the blogsphere and it feels like it's come full circle. 

Have you tried their lip products? If so what do you think? If not, what color do you want to try? 

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