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Ashley Tisdale 'Illuminate' Review

Ashley Tisdale 'Illuminate' Review


Ashley Tisdale is quite the perfect human being.

She acts, sings, directs, produces, and now has her own make up line. 

Even though I personally do not like the whole illuminated look, I really wanted to give her make up items a go, just on the basis that she, unlike other celebrities, try to give her fans affordable items to purchase.

Just that in itself was enough to persuade me. Plus, she was partnering up with BH cosmetics and I've been meaning to try their products for a long time.


Now, I only purchased some of the items, not all, because I don't need two palettes or her 6+ lip glosses. So, don't hate me for that.

But let's get into the review shall we?!

Cream Cheek & Lip Tint (Expresso & Cabana)

Even though this product is two-in-one, I will say that not every color can be used as two-in-one.

I purchased both because I had a feeling that I may not be able to use Cabana on my lips, and I was correct. For my skin tone, it is way too pale, and it would just make me look like a ghost.

Expresso however, is the perfect tanned berry lip tint that I would use on my lips, but definitely not on my cheeks.

After trying them both, I must say that out of the three products, I love this the most. Yes, love, not like.

Expresso is such a 'my lips but better' shade but with a slight berry tone. It's soft, lightweight, and doesn't dry out my lips too much. Basically, I will wear it in the future when I need something manageable. Using fingers is fine.

As for Cabana, I cannot use that on my lips, but for the cheeks, it is a GORGEOUS pink. I think it isn't the same color as the pan though because it looks more like a burnt pink in the pan, however on the skin it is a pale pink.

It is very easy to apply and smooth. Dabbing definitely works. The color pay off is sheer but buildable. There is a slight sheen but nothing super crazy. It lashes an entire work day + which I'm sure we can all appreciate. Everything about this product is amazing and I have very little things to say against it.

Enhancing Lip Gloss (Coral Reef)

I'm not sure what prompted me to purchase this because I hate lip glosses, but I did want to give it a go.

When I applied this lip gloss, all I could think to myself in the mirror is how tan it makes me look because it's just too pale for my skintone.

Now, that was just initial application.

When I put it on for the day, like most glosses, it gave me that sticky feeling. Also, it's actually a pain to put on. It doesn't give the most even coverage in one swipe. You definitely have to work for it. It is a very thick formula, which, can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you prefer. For me, it was too thick.

It couldn't even last the day without a majority of the color disappearing though. I just only had bread and the pink part of the gloss already does not exist. However, there is still a glimmer and a vague highlight on my lips. Which I guess is nice if it wasn't for the texture...

By the end of the day though, everything except the texture was left. And I'm sorry to say but I do not like this product much. However, this is coming from a girl who doesn't like lip glosses, so take that with a grain of salt if you do like glosses.

12 Color Eye and Cheek Collection (Beach Goddess)

This palette is a great concept. It's meant to be easy to use and easy to travel with.

And honestly, I think this is worth it.

The eyeshadow's are so pigmented for the price that when I first applied, I was surprised myself! It turned out that I had to actually use a lighter hand than I thought.

The sparkling eyeshadows are quite pigmented, but it doesn't necessarily scream sparkles once you put it on, which I like anyway.

In terms of accessibility, I think they made the eyeshadow pans just big enough. It is a little powdery but there is no fall out when applied.

In terms of the lasting power, they managed to last quite well, however it lasts better with eyeshadow primer. Without, it will kind of just melt off towards the end of the day. Mind you, it only really started melting around the 6-8 hour mark so if you're wearing it for less than that amount of time, you're safe.

Now, in terms of the bronzer/highlighter/blush trio, I have various thoughts about that. The blush pan is just barely big enough for my Real Technique's stippling brush. I think the pan for the highlighter is a bit too big for what it is used for.

In terms of the pigment, the blush has a beautiful sheen to it that, if you are really lazy, you don't even need the highlighter.

In terms of the bronzer, I was a little worried about it because when I swatched it, it looked a little reddish. However, on the skin it's a beautiful bronze. You probably cannot contour with this bronze through because there are also slight shimmers in it, despite the matte look.

With lasting power, the blush fades away quick, the highlighter fades to a shine at the end of a work day, but the bronzer lasts the longest.

Overall though, this palette is quite gorgeous and I still say worth the money. It's extremely travel friendly considering what it has.

Overall, I enjoyed this make up line. The packaging is light and can feel a little cheap, but you are paying a lower price than other make up brands so that is kind of to be expected.

The products, for the most part, are extremely worth the money and the price. I would say to purchase the palette and the cheek/lip tint before the glosses. But, that's up to you.

I hope this review was helpful!

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