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Halo Beauty 'Hair, Skin, Nails BOOSTER' Review

Halo Beauty 'Hair, Skin, Nails BOOSTER' Review

Tati's new brand, Halo Beauty is all about working on inner health to boost outer beauty. 

Well, obviously I had to give it a try, and this review is coming to you after I've used this system for the entire month it's support to be used for. I hope you find this review helpful. 

DISCLAIMER: This review was written by me. The product was purchased by me. Tati and Halo Beauty did not sponsor this review. If you are interested in purchasing and trying this product, please consult with your PCP or do so at your own risk. To read my Disclaimer Statement, click here


Don't just take my word for it 

I usually don't write a disclaimer like this because most of the times I'm reviewing products that goes on the outside of your body. BUT, with a supplement like this that goes inside, it's different. Make sure you do what's best for you, and if really concerned, to consult with a healthcare professional. 

Tati & Me


Yes, I'm completely biased because I've been following Tati since 2012, and have physically met her once. 

I trust her knowledge in beauty and skincare completely, and understand that she only wants the best for her subscribers. So I never watched her almost hour long video about complaints and questions and just went for it. 

My Hair, Skin & Nails


I feel like before I get into this review I should give you some deets about my hair, especially since my hair is mine, and we definitely do not have the same hair type. 

Thick & Coarse 

If I had to use two words to describe my hair, these two words would be it! 

I naturally have A LOT of hair, but not necessarily lengthy amounts. For the past 2-3 years, I've gotten a chop 1-2 times, and I think that's prevented my hair to growing faster than I want it to. 

But coarse also because I used to straighten my hair almost daily in high school and that damaged my hair enough that it's become coarse and tangly. Which is why I use hair detangler when I come out of the shower. 

Slow growing

I just mentioned this. BUT, the reason why I'm mentioning it again is because to combat the slow growth my hair has been doing, I've been taking Hair, Skin, & Nail vitamin's for almost a year to boost growth. So, I am not new to this kind of supplement. Just saying. 


Dry during the winter, oily during the summer. The only time I really get breakouts is when I'm really stressed out and sometimes during that time of the month. I have quite large pores. 


Never really had any problems with my nails.

***PLEASE READ*** I primarily use products like this just for my hair, so I focus on my hair in this review. I know Halo Beauty's IG has posted some before and after of skin but because my skin and nails is pretty good in my opinion (I don't really care that I have large pores on my face) I only focus on my hair and that is the primary focus on this review. 



Immediately noticed how shiny and soft it felt 

I've never rooted for a product to not work as much as this one. And it's not because I don't believe in Tati or her expertise, but because this one month's worth of supplements is so expensive I don't want a reason to have to spend $50 a month on just this. 

But OMG, I had this for about 3 days without changing my hair routine (I even stopped using any hair mask product just to give this a good go) and I immediately noticed how much softer my hair was, and how shiny it was. Not saying that my hair is dull or anything, but I just noticed how great the condition of my hair was. 

More knotty

So this is technically a con, but you can also view it as a pro depending on which way you choose to view this. BUT, because my hair got more shiny and soft after only a week of using this, it's gotten more knot-prone...I know, that's weird right? 

I see it as a good thing because that shows me how soft my hair is that it's getting more knotty. However, this also means I need to start carrying a hair brush with me everywhere I go and now I have to braid my hair before I sleep...

Got long a lot quicker than other products I used to use 

I used this for about 2 weeks before I really noticed a length different in my hair. I took a photo every week to show you, so hopefully you can tell. But wow, did my hair start growing. It grew so quickly that all of a sudden my natural hair color was coming through in my roots and my abundance of grey hairs were suddenly becoming visible again... haha 

Scalp not as oily as usual, so don't need to wash it as much 

Now this was a big thing I noticed was that I could actually get by an extra day or two without washing my hair, and it would still be bearable. I used to not be able to go 2 days without washing my hair, but now I could go 3-4. Yay, saving more water!

Less fallout in the shower

I noticed this after the first few days honestly. I usually have about 20 stray hair strands fall in a single shower which, sucks and always freaked me out. But since using this, if more than 10 strands of hair fell, I would be surprised. It's crazy how much stronger my hair is becoming...

Nails grew quick too and definitely feels stronger than usual. 

I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to take before and after pictures for my nails! But I did look down about 2 weeks in and noticed how long my nails were getting and how strong they felt than they usually did. To me, that was a good sign! They were also a lot sharper on the edges... it didn't hit me until after I used the entire bottle haha

Expensive price tag 

Let's not beat about the bush and get to a serious con: $40 for 60 capsules. That's over $1/day you're swallowing (since you need 2 capsules a day), and that's not even counting the almost $10 shipping. (But apparently there is free shipping if you order 3 bottles.) So for one month's worth of supply, you're spending $50. That's ridiculous. Just to give you a comparison, I bought a similar supplement at Costco that had 250 capsules for $13. I don't even have to do the math for you to show you that it's way cheaper. (For that, you gotta eat 3/day but even doing that math, you're swallowing ~$0.20/day.)

If you don't have that amount of disposable income, just this supplement alone will set a hole in your bank account. 

UPDATE: Tati has recently said that shipping in the U.S. is now ~$4 so instead of paying ~$50/bottle you'll be paying ~$45. 

Gorgeous bottle, but cheap-feeling cap 

Tati says she designed the bottle herself and it wasn't just randomly picked off the shelf. I totally agree. Honestly, once I was gone with the bottle, I immediately put it on display and used it for my q-tips coz it's so gorgeous. But it's odd...even though the bottle feels expensive, the cap feels cheap? Like a really light and cheap plastic? This is totally not a big deal, just thought I would share that weird design flaw lol 

Wish she would offer 3-months supply in one big bottle at a cheaper price

I looooove this. Not even going to lie (even though I kind of really didn't want to love it because it's expensive...) but having to buy a bottle a month is just such a waste in my opinion. 

Tati, if you're reading this, please find a way to give us an option to buy 3 months worth of supply without getting 3 individual bottles. I feel like the environment would really thank you, and so would garbage disposal. 


*Disclaimer: it's hard to see the growth because my hair is pretty wavy to begin with so I apologize if it isn't obvious. To me it was because I could run my fingers down it and notice. But also I did not want to straighten my hair for these photos since I wanted to see how healthy my hair would feel while using it. And hair straighteners are notoriously damaging for hair haha


Week 0


week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Side by side: Week 1-4

Final Recommendation: 

You should get it!  

It depends...  

it's not worth it. 

I really wanted to put the arrow at 'You should get it!' but there's no way for me to confidently say that for that price tag. $45-50 isn't cheap. I won't even buy a pair of jeans for $50 and jeans can last me years, while this will only last me one month. 

I say it depends if you are this person: you have the disposable income, and you want Pantene-commercial-esque hair. (I can vouch for the nails, but not for the skin.)

You can find it here. (Link not affiliated.)

Are you going to give Halo Beauty a try?
If you have concerns, let me know what it is and I'll try my best to answer you!

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