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Glossier Beauty Products Review

Glossier Beauty Products Review

I recently got my hands on some Glossier products (finally!), so I decided to do a review of it :)

But if you would rather watch my review, then you can check it out down below :)

I am not a big concealer fan, especially when it comes in a pot, but I LOVED this! 

This concealer is totally worth the price and here's why. 

It's lightweight. It's easy to apply. Super no-fuss. It's coverage is buildable, and it layers very easily. 

It covered redness no problem. Obviously you can seen in the pictures below that it doesn't completely eliminate my under eye circles, but from afar I definitely look less tired with the concealer on. 

You do not need a lot of this product. 

One con is that it is somewhat heavy because it is in a glass post and it is in a glass post, so you need to use your fingers or a brush. 

Other than that, this product is quite amazing. 





If you are looking for a summer blush, look no further! This product will totally take care of your summer blush needs. 

This product is small but mighty. 

It is pigmented. A little goes a long way. It blends crazy easily. It is also very convenient to carry with you. It's weightless. 

I am really excited to use this product in the summer because of how simple it is. I am a big fan of cream brushes when the warmer months hit because it makes life easier, and you don't want to be wearing a ton of make up in the warm weather. 

Plus, it is also great for post-gym make up (I will be using these products to do a post-gym make up look so stay tuned!). 

I feel like I don't have to get too much into this, especially since this product has been mentioned so much in the beauty sphere on YouTube. But here's my take anyway. 

It's buildable. It gives your brows a fullness. It's pigmented. It's lightweight. It's fast. And you can throw it in your purse without adding any extra weight. 


Glossier is definitely a brand that gives you effortless natural make up because that's what it's goal is. 

While it is very effortless natural make up, that also means that most of their product does not require the typical brush application, but it is actually preferred to use your fingers. 

I recommend their beauty products for sure, but will say that if you get a chance, I definitely think you should go to their store first before you buy their products online. Regardless, I think it's totally worth the hype. 

If you are unsure of what your shades are and do not have the luxury to go to NYC, their website is very helpful because they have video demos of their products and their shades. 

Have you ever tried Glossier products?

What are some of your favorite summer make up products (it doesn't have to be Glossier!)?

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