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Dolly Wink 'Eyeliner Pencil' (Brown) Review

Dolly Wink 'Eyeliner Pencil' (Brown) Review

Now, I love bubzbeauty (YouTuber) and she lives in Hong Kong so a lot of the time the make up products she likes and enjoys are Asian brands that is hard for someone who lives in America to get her hands on. But I recently (well, more like a month and a half ago) went to San Francisco’s Japantown and saw on a super market this Dolly Wink eyeliner. I had heard of Dolly Wink through bubz and I was so excited to try it.

Now since this is a Japanese brand eyeliner and imported it cost like $12-something for this eyeliner which I kind of cringed at the price, but I thought it would be extremely worth it.

Now, when I got it and took it out of the packaging and swiped it on my hand, it was extremely creamy on the back of my hand. The color was also extremely rich and it pretty much looks like a chocolate line on your hand.

I had intended to buy this brown eyeliner for the summer because I enjoy to line both waterline’s with eyeliner to bring out my eyes and I tend to wear black but since it’s summer, I didn’t want something so harsh so I decided to try this out.

Now, when put on your upper lash line, it comes out pretty much identical as when you swipe it on your hand, but it’s when you put it on your waterline that the color is essentially non-existent.

It comes off as a light latte color and since I’m pretty tan to begin with, it kind of just fades into my skin color and doesn’t come off as any color. I think for girls with a much lighter skin than mine, this eyeliner could possibly help pop out their eyes without the harsh black look of black eyeliners, but for someone like me who is pretty tan, this color is useless for the look I’m going for.

I’m also kind of disappointed in the longevity of this product. I did try this eyeliner quite often and on the upper lash line it can hold out pretty well with bits of the eyeliner having rubbed off in certain places. On the waterline, even though I swiped it a few times, it doesn’t last. With all the blinking, the eyeliner disappears in two hours.

I think I could’ve bought two great eyeliners with the price of this one eyeliner and I think I wouldn’t have regretted this eyeliner if it showed up on my eyes. I think it is really my fault for not thinking it through.

The packaging is really cute. Although I find it somewhat unnecessary. The lid is very feminine so sometimes it’s annoying but totally unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

Let me know if you like this branded eyeliner or if you not.

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