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Dior 'Pore Minimizer' Review

Dior 'Pore Minimizer' Review

This is my first review in a very long time and I hope this helps y'all know if you want to try this expensive product or not.

If you had seen my blogpost with my Sephora Haul, you would know the backstory to this purchase but, in case you’re new and don’t know the story, here it is again:

I had wanted to buy the Kiel’s pore minimizer because I heard Wayne from gossmakeupartist on YouTube talk about the amazing-ness of it and thought I would give it a try. But when I went to my closest Kiel’s counter, Nordstrom, the kind lady helping me couldn’t find the trial and so she introduced me to the Dior one. Honestly, I was skeptical because, c’mon, it’s Dior. I cannot afford it! But then she found the Kiel’s tester and I put the Kiel’s on the left side of my nasal area and the Dior’s primer on the right and just left it like that for the rest of the night.

When I came home I checked it out in the mirror and honestly, I definitely noticed a difference on the right side of my face. I cannot say that all my pores disappeared, but it was evident that a lot of my pores disappeared/minimized in the course of the day and I decided to splurge on it.

And honestly, after a month of using it, I’m glad I splurged.

This product did not break me out. And I got me some sensitive skin.

When I put it on it just glides. If you use the Benefit’s POREfessional I think it feels a lot nicer. Even though it still has a silicone feel, it isn’t as strong and is a lot softer than the POREfessional. When it sets it feels like there’s a very fine powder on your skin that hides your pores. It just makes your skin feel smoother and just nicer.

Anyway, after I put on foundation and such, I look in the mirror and don’t see much difference, but after another hour or two, when I look at it again my make up is still perfectly in place and still looks as gorgeous as it did when I first applied it on.

I realized with this primer that even though up close you can still see my pores, when people are looking at you from a distance (or when I take selfies) your skin literally looks flawless. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this primer.

It comes out with a pink tinge so when I apply it I can see it beginning to cancel out the bulk of my redness in my cheek area.

Also, I recently just noticed this but I saw that it also mattifies my face.

I, like other girls that wear make up, moisturize my face before I apply any sort of make up product and my moisturizing products have a sheen to it but as soon as I spread this primer across my face, all sheen is gone and it just leaves my face looking...normal.

I think if I were to say anything bad about this product it would just be the price. I realize that I bought a Dior product and that they are a high end brand so they can charge a lot more. But at the same time a lot of teenage girls out there are like me: we hesitate to try out brands like Dior because of their hefty price tags.

I’m not dissing the product. I just wanna say that I would love Dior products a lot more if the price didn’t make me feel like I threw my wallet full of cash in their direction.

I will most likely not purchase this product again once I’ve used it up. It’s too expensive for me to hold up. I can buy like one foundation and a nice lip product for the price of this pore minimizer.

However, if you are a make up lover and is looking for a nice pore minimizer and also do not mind spending the money, definitely give this product a try. In some ways, it’s worth it.

Let me know what you guys think!

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