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Dior 'Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil w/ Pure Lily Extract' Review

Dior 'Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil w/ Pure Lily Extract' Review

I couldn't decide if this counts as a make up review or a skincare review but I guess it's more applicable for skincare so, here goes. Now, I recently bought the full sized bottle of the Josie Maran cleansing oil because I had the trial size and really loved it. But then when I used it again I just downright hated it. It wasn't the product efficiency that was the issue, but the general process wasn't the best. It's too much work and usually by the end of the day I'm too exhausted to go through all that work.

So I tried to get my hands on my holy grail cleansing oil: Origins Cleansing Oil. 


I was so frustrated and sad about this that I almost cried. It's definitely one of the most milky cleansing oils out there.

So I knew it was time to find another cleansing oil until that one came back to stock (which I am crossing my fingers hoping that it does).

When I went to Sephora I didn't have a cleansing oil in mind, but then I talked to one of the ladies and the first one the recommended me as this Dior one.

Now I was pretty skeptical because of first of all, it's Dior, so I was expecting it to be expensive and not work well since Sephora wants to make money. But when I checked the price I was pretty surprised at the price. I was expecting it to be high $40's and even low $50's because, let's be honest, the foundations are like $60+ so I expected something like that to be pretty expensive. But it was pretty inexpensive in my opinion ($36). When I told my friends this, even they were pleasantly surprised. (Origins cleansing oil is $29)

I did try this cleansing oil in my hand in store and I loved the smooth texture so I thought, why the hell not. Plus I needed to make my trip to Sephora as quick as possible for obvious reasons...

I love the packaging for this cleansing oil.

Of course, it's Dior so you expect nothing less.

It's a very sturdy packaging and has that luxurious feel to it when you are holding it.

It does have a pump but is kind of short. That would probably be the only shortcoming. Because it is so short you do have to hold it up and tilt it so the oil doesn't drip and spill every where. When you initially pump it out the liquid looks like water and it even feels a little bit like water.

It reminds me of a light water based cleanser in that it's very smooth on the skin and definitely feels like it's taking the make up off. However, it does smell. It is a very floral scent but not so overpowering that it puts you off from using the cleansing oil. And the scent is only there for initial application and it doesn't linger on the skin.

I would say that it definitely removes face make up beautifully and completely. It's very similar to the Origins Cleansing Oil which is also why I probably like this cleanser.

Now this cleanser also claims to remove eye make up which I am always skeptical about.

And I tried it.

It didn't work. My eye make up barely budged. Now I wear waterproof mascara for both my upper and lower lashes and wear a somewhat waterproof formula of eyeliner on my upper and lower waterline. Nothing moved. I swear.

This cleanser was just too gentle for eye make up removal so if you are banking on this to remove eye make up, don't hold any hope (unless you don't wear waterproof formula's, in which case, I wouldn't know what to tell you).

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product. If the Origin's cleansing oil doesn't come back in stock after I finish using this bottle, I might just continue the use of this cleansing oil. I really love it.

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