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CoverGirl 'Lash Blast Volume' VS. 'Clump Crusher' Battle/Review

CoverGirl 'Lash Blast Volume' VS. 'Clump Crusher' Battle/Review

For starters, CoverGirl is a drugstore make up brand, and is pretty famous for their foundation and mascara’s more so than others. And so, after hearing eleventhgorgeous talk about their obsession with the Lash Blast, I decided to do an extended review of both mascaras individually, and then compare their specs together. Also because a girl can never have enough good mascara's in her collection (:

LashBlast Volume

No doubt about the volume. Definitely no doubt. It makes your eyelashes look fuller and thick. I think what I love the most about it is the volume, but then it stops right there.

I dislike the clumps. While it does boost volume, it also clumps a whole lot easier. However, I must clarify that I am one of those girls that put on at least three layers of mascara on my top lashes before I leave the house because I want the impression of thick/long lashes. So to be fair, it does clump because I put on at least 2-3 coats. Despite that though, it does still clump with only one coat, just not as much.

And while on the subject of volume, it does not boost length. Granted, the word “Volume” is part of the title/packaging so that would make sense, but I know for a fact that the Flamed Out by GoverGirl (I think the one Pink endorses?) does both, although it does neither super successfully. But that’s a story for another time.

The wand of this mascara provides the volume (DUH! lol). However if you like putting mascara onto your lower lashline, you’d find this wand especially chunky and hard to get into the small lashes on the outer and inner edge of your eyes without it smudging over your concealer or the general under eye area.

Also, I applied this on today (May 6th) and saw that some of the mascara formula transferred onto my eyelids- not super pleased about that. And I know it isn’t my fault because all the other mascara’s I’ve been using never do that. So it’s either the wand or the formula- or both .

Clump Crusher

Now I made the mistake of picking up the black-brown formula instead of the black so it does look slightly off on me, but not that much thank God.

But getting to the actual mascara, I think this is really amazing. It definitely does length and provides a small amount of volume without it clumping up like the LashBlast, The wand is very delicate and definitely does manage to get to the inner and outer corners of your upper lash line. Even if I put 2-3 coats it still looks gorgeous without looking like I slept in my make up.

And it’s interesting, because at the end of the day, when I am looking at how my mascara turned out, the mascara seems to have separated my individual eyelashes separately, giving it a ton more volume than it had been earlier when I first applied the mascara. Honestly, I didn’t understand what it meant when people say that their make up items wears better after a few hours, but after this mascara, it’s safe to say that this make up item is definitely one of those.


Something both mascara’s have in common is the fact that neither does extremely well on the lower lash line. While the clump crusher transfers less content onto your undereye area, it still does some transferring over time.

However, since both mascara’s are so cheap (I got both for $12 at Ulta) I think it is definitely worth the test and trail. While the LashBlast Volume didn’t work in terms of clumping, when I want excessive amounts of volume, I’ll know which mascara to use, and vice versa with the Clumb Crusher.

Which will I repurchase?

Definitely the Clump Crusher. I like long lashes. Simple. And who has that time of the day to put on fake lashes?! I definitely don’t.

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