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Ciate x Olivia Palermo 'Suede Eye Shadow Palette' Review

Ciate x Olivia Palermo 'Suede Eye Shadow Palette' Review

I honestly think I don't need any more eyeshadow palettes. I know there is that mentality that one can never have enough make up, especially in the beauty world, but I prefer saving that money sometimes. However, if you saw my Sephora Haul, then you would know that I was attracted to the pan size more than anything. However, I was also attracted to the shade range. I only have two eyeshadow palettes (here and here) and they are both matte palettes. The reason why I gravitate towards matte palettes was just because I felt that they are easier to work with and I don't have to deal with glitter falling all over the place. But I am at a place where I feel that I can expand my horizon of eye shadows.

So, I went for this one.

First Impression

Not going to lie, my initial reaction to this palette was how small it is. It's about the same size as the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow, with very similar packaging. 

However, after thinking about it, it also feels good that it's small, because it means easier to bring around with you, when you are travelling.

Now, that was my initial reaction, my second reaction was that this is a palette good for New Year's make up. I know that seems so odd to be thinking that far ahead, but the reason is because when you swatch this, there is a lot of golden shimmers. Which I'm fine with because it goes well on my skin tone.


It has a beautiful and sturdy packaging on the inside and outside.

The cover is a rough texture which actually feels very nice and extravagant. Everything else is a nice gold.

Unfortunately, I must say that while the eye shadow pans are large, if you are not careful, you can potentially accidentally release some of the powder from one eyeshadow to another eye shadow, but it's easy to fix: blow it off.

Swatch vs. Application

This palette is marketed for its suede texture and to be honest, I don't really know what that means or how that's meant to feel, but I can let the world know that when you swatch it, it feels like cream eyeshadow. It doesn't really have that powdering thing going on, and on the back of your hand, the colors look vibrant as hell. Also, all of the glitter shades had such finely milled glitter that you couldn't even feel the glitter specks.

Now, as for using a brush... here's where I had some problems.


When I picked up the shadow with my brush, it did get powdery. Which I am not surprised with. But I noticed that when I just used my brush, it didn't have that silky texture as when I use my fingers. So then I layered the dark purple (bottom right corner) with the dark brown shimmery shade on top, using my fingers. While it swatched beautifully on my hand, the shadow did not translate so well on my eyes. In the pictures I took alone, it didn't look like it even had any glitter. And even when I looked closely in the mirror, the glitter was much more sparse on my lid that in the pan or on the back of my hand. But it still had a nice glow, so you knew there was glitter in it.

Shade Range

There is one all over lid shade, which is the cream color in the middle. It does a great job of covering redness and/or veins popping out.

There are three matte colors, excluding the cream shade. There is a light lilac, a medium brown, and a darker purple. The rest of the shadows are glitters.

In terms of the glitter eye shadows, the top two corner eye shadows on either side are very similar, one is just more rose gold versus the one on the left is gold.

All in all, it has a very diverse shade range which is great.

Lasting Powder

Just like every other eye shadow I've ever used, this one creases on me without eyeshadow primer. So in this case, it is no longer surprising and does NOT reflect the quality of the shadows. It's just my own problem that I control for.

With the eyeshadow primer, it stays put and does not crease.

However, I did notice that the vibrancy of the colors took a lot more time and effort to build with no eyeshadow primer. I had to pick up at least twice the amount of product to get the dark shade of purple on similar, if not equal vibrancy levels. It went the same for the brown shimmery shade I put on top.

So in that case, it does say a bit about the eyeshadow quality in which it has a harder time holding on without some sort of a base. (Even the base cream color took a while to build and hide my veins without the eyeshadow primer.)

Final thoughts

Because I've only used this once, I feel like I cannot give an accurate opinion on this product. This is the first time I've ever owned a Ciate Product and I don't want to just end up judging the entire company because of one product.

But, unfortunately, if I had to give it an honest opinion, I do not really favour this eyeshadow palette. Just because it's normal price is $40 and for such an expensive little guy, I expect some wow factor on my eyes, not on the back of my hand.

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