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Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow' Review

Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow' Review

Let's be real, if you watch beauty videos then you should know what this is. Or, more like if you watch BRITISH YouTubers, then you should know this.

When I heard that she was launching her line into the USA I went crazy.

This is so popular so I really wanted to try it out and I'm glad that I got it.

First off, let's talk about the bad news. When they sent me the shipping/tracking number, I didn't realize that I couldn't click on it the number to actually track where it was. That kind of annoyed me because by the time I received the package it had been a week and a half and I was getting worried. I couldn't click on the number! That was quite a horrible experience and I hope that CT will change this.

Now, let's get onto the positive part.

The packaging for this duo is freakin' amazing. Even the box they come in. The packaging is so luxurious and gorgeous.

What else is there to say about the packaging? Even the powder inside is gorgeous. The mirror size is also really decent. Now after swatching, the bronzer is very soft and light but after build up it really looks natural. I can see why there is such a big hype around this duo. The highlighter is also such a natural highlight with very little shimmer, and even when there is, it's extremely fine.

Both the bronzer and highlighter has very little fall out after swirling the brush around as compared to my Tarte Bronzer. But I'm not saying that there is none. It's just very minimal compared to my Tarte Bronzer.

Now, I have been using it every since I got back and I must report something.

The bronzer is extremely subtle. It's to the point where you don't even know if you had put it on or not. That is not necessarily a bad thing unless you are trying to contour. If you are a contour type person, this may not be the best to contour with if you prefer deep contouring. But, minimal contour can happen, but with quite a lot of build up and a dense brush.

Now the high lighter is my absolute favourite. I used to use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette and I used to really love it (Review will be coming soon!).

However, after I started using this highlighter I couldn't go back and here's why: the high lighting properties of this CT Highlighter is crazy pigmented and amazing. After just a light sweep across my cheek bones you can already tell its there significantly. But when I tried to go back to my Hourglass Palette (on a whim because I felt like it) I just noticed nothing on my cheek bones. Of course, there was still the shimmer, but I realized that I preferred the CT Highlighter a lot better because of it's pigmentation.

Of course, I am downsizing the Hourglass Palette because it is absolutely amazing but I just don't know if it was worth the money after this CT purchase.

If you have to buy any ONE CT product (because CT is extremely expensive, even by my standards and I buy a lot of high end stuff...) get this duo. It is completely worth the $60 and it will NOT disappoint you what so ever. Also, it is an amazing two-in-one for travel. I don't think I'm going to be buying at bronzer's or highlighter's for a very long time. It's my new holy grail for sure.

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