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Burberry 'Face Contour- Effortless Contour Pen Face & Eyes' Review

Burberry 'Face Contour- Effortless Contour Pen Face & Eyes' Review

When I saw this arrive on the Sephora market, I just wanted it straight up. But it is so expensive that I found it hard to justify the price. So I waited until November and then I bought it.



It is a gorgeously packaged with the Burberry gunmetal signature packaging. It's sleek, easy, and definitely stays shut. Now, if I had one grope with the packaging is that when I twist the product up, it doesn't feel as luxurious as the price tag. It feels a bit cheap, and it wobbles a bit like it wasn't screwed on tightly or made with good plastic. Otherwise, love the packaging.

First Impression


Not going to lie, I bought it and then realized that there are two shades to choose from, and I had bought the lighter shade.

So I was kicking myself over it until I applied it onto my face and realized that it was the perfect shade for me.

This product, on the skin, is super soft. It isn't patchy, and it seriously blends like a dream. It takes no time at all, and I actually think it stays put.

You don't need to use a lot, and the fact that it is in a pen form does make it easier to contour the nose. I'm not sure why they advertise it as an eye contouring pen... because I don't know if I would use this on my eyes since it is so creamy.

Lasting Power

I did mention above that it stays put. And in my opinion, I really think it does. Now, because it blends out so seamlessly, I had a really hard time being able to tell if it was still on my face. But after looking at my face after a couple of hours of wearing it, I could still see my cheeks being chiseled and my nose was still beautifully contoured.

So it definitely lasts for a good enough time.

Final Thoughts

For the price tag, I oddly think it is worth it. However, I must warn you guys that while it is a contour pen, don't expect like Kim K cheek bones. It is a very natural contour that you want on days where you don't want to waste time getting those cheek bones but you want something.

Since it is so expensive, I don't think I will be using it every day because I'd like to keep it for as long as I can, but I oddly really love it.

I had debated whether to return it to Sephora, but it's THAT good.

I feel bad recommending something so expensive, but I really do think it's worth it.

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