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Bobbi Brown 'Shimmerbrick Blush' (Rose) Review

Bobbi Brown 'Shimmerbrick Blush' (Rose) Review

Okay, so I've had this blush for, I want to say, 2-3 weeks and I've given it a decent amount of trials and have decided whether or not I like it. So, read on if you want to know my thoughts/opinion on this very expensive yet pretty blush!

I needed a blush, and I had been eyeing this blush for a few months now but I didn’t purchase it because it’s almost $50 and I didn’t know if it was worth it or not. But then I finally just thought to myself, I’m going to get it, or I’ll never stop thinking about it and that would just be a pain in the butt.

So, I got it.

And I gotta say, it is a very gorgeous color. It reminds me a of metallic pink with micro shimmers in them. When I swatched them in stores I just kept staring at the back of my hand and thought it was so beautiful!

When I bought it, the lady who scanned it in for me said that it can also be used as a lip gloss. If you have clear lip gloss, dab some of the powder into the lipgloss and it will give off a very nice sheen and color. Now, I am not a lip gloss girl (coz I hate the stickiness of it…) but I was glad that at least this product is very multipurposeful.

Regardless, when I first applied the blush, I was trying to use it very sparingly. However, I could tell that after an hour or two it disappeared. And then I tried to apply a lot of it on, and the color would stick. When I mean a lot though, I mean just swiping the brush across the powder a few extra times, and apply two layers instead of just one.

After that, I could definitely say that it lasted at least over 6 hours which is very decent, I think, for a blush (especially because I don’t wear my make up for longer than 12 hours). Even though the color payoff could last about 6 hours, towards the end of the day, if you wear it for longer, the color would still be there, but just faint.

However, there is a con to this blush. Well, three I guess. One is definitely the price. I was debating whether to buy one blush or two. I was also thinking of getting a Clinique Cheekpop and a Josie Maran Watercolor cheek because both products added together is roughly the same price as a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick. But, evidently, I went with the Shimmerbrick. And to be honest, not really regretting it either.

Now, if you know, Bobbi Brown make up is very sleek in packaging. It’s a nice glossy black that feels sturdy on your hand. HOWEVER, that means that when you get product on it, it is a lot more noticeable (as is with more black packaging). I do not heavily swipe my brushes on the blush. I do it is really small motions so more of the color can get on the blush and make it more predominant on my skin. But, despite that, shimmer particles still manage to get all over the packaging.

Now, I am not a clean freak by any chance, but when it’s expensive make up with expensive looking packaging I don’t like it looking sloppy. So for me, I hate that. So, that is another con.

The last con is that if you swatch things in store, like me, you kind of like to know what it looks like on the skin right? Well, I did that and it wasn't super glittery despite what it looked like in the packaging so I wasn't expecting a super glittery blush. But, it becomes VERY glittery on the cheek, especially if you have pores. I could tell that after I applied it, the glittery was kind of sinking into my pores, which made my face look a lot worse than when I just had on foundation.

Will I Repurchase?

No, and here are the reasons: It’s a gorgeous metallic pink, but there is too much shimmer in it for me. I am more of a matte blush person because I like looking natural. And I know that I purchased this knowing that it is shimmery but it didn’t show up as shimmery when I swatched it on my hand so I was surprised. And the messiness isn’t something I can go for. Plus, the price, to me, isn’t worth it.

Overall, for such an expensive product, it is only great if you have almost to perfect skin, and don't mind the mess. For me, this wasn't a total fail, but it was a fail enough that I would never consider any Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick products again.

Sorry Bobbi!

Let me know if you have Rose, or the other two exclusively online colors. And don't forget to let me know what you think! I would love to know if there was anyone else out there that shared my opinion.

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