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beautyblender 'beautyblender nude' + 'beautycleanser solid' Review

beautyblender 'beautyblender nude' + 'beautycleanser solid' Review

The Beauty blender has got to be one of the most iconic and popular make up applying tools and not going to lie, this is the second beauty blender I have purchased.

The first time I purchased it was a few years ago, when it had first come out. And I didn't like it. I didn't like how much work it was, and how painful it was to keep it clean. So I didn't want to try it again.

But then this nude version came out, and I started reconsidering. And since it was time to buy stuff from Sephora, I thought why not. However, considering how last time I didn't like it because of the way to wash it, I also purchased the recommended washing soap.

So here is my review of the products.

beautyblender nude

As much as I love pink, I think after having used both, I definitely prefer the nude. And it's also a really intuitive reason.

If you love organizing like me, I don't think you would like really obvious foundation or concealer patches on your bright pink sponge. But on the nude sponge, it's less noticeable, but even if it does become noticeable, it's very easy to hide.

And after having used it for a good few times, I'm starting to understand why people love it so much as a beauty applicator.

It definitely makes the foundation go on a lot smoother.

However, one thing I will say is that because it is a sponge, I feel like it soaks up much more product to achieve the same amount of coverage as a brush. So in a way, if you are using an expensive foundation and you want to make it last, maybe go for a light coverage with the beauty blender, or forgo the beauty blender entirely.

I noticed with foundation that it required an extra pump or two to achieve the same level of coverage I desired compared to a brush.

Which is definitely a con.

One other thing is that because I am, in some ways, a neat freak, I have to clean it every time I finish using it, because I don't want it to be just sitting there, in the foundation.

So that's an extra few minutes of my day gone.

Another con is that traveling with this is kind of a pain, just because you don't want it getting contaminated with anything, so you definitely need to keep the container, or, at least, purchased the travel container beautyblender makes.

I know there seems to be more cons than pros, but I recommend using a beauty blender if you have been thinking about it. It's quite a great tool for blending foundation. Plus, it's so soft and plushie that it just feels good on the skin xD

beautycleanser solid

I opened this up, and it's just a bar of soap. So I don't know what's different from this than a regular bar of soap, other than it doesn't strip your face of anything after you use it once the beauty blender has been washed.

It comes with a stand (I think?) for the soap, but just to let you know, it's basically useless. Because as soon as you put water on the soap, the stand doesn't keep the soap in place whatsoever.

Overall, I think this product is worth using in conjunction with the beauty blender, just because it's easy to use, and you don't actually need a lot of the product to get the beauty blender clean.

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