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bareMinerals 'bareSkin Foundation' Review

bareMinerals 'bareSkin Foundation' Review

I had heard that this foundation was coming out and it was new and is one of bareMineral’s first liquid foundations so I was very intrigued.  I was going to try their mineral foundation since there is so much hype around their mineral foundation, but then this came out and I was like, “Screw it! Let’s try something others haven’t tried yet!” 

So for the past month or two, (or maybe it has been 3 months, I honestly don’t remember when I purchased this item…) I have been testing it out.

Now the foundation is $29 and it’s already pretty expensive to begin with so I didn’t fancy spending another $29 (I think it was $29 or $19…) on a brush that bareMinerals says is meant to be used with the foundation. Because let’s be real, if I hate it what would happen to the brush?

Anyway, so I just purchased the foundation and at first I really loved the concept of it being made into a serum x foundation. I mean it’s skincare and make up in one! How perfect is that?!

So in order to use it, you gotta shake it up really well, and then squeeze out the amount of droplets depending on the amount of coverage you need. So if you wanted full coverage, you would use about four droplets, and if you wanted medium coverage you only need 2 droplets and so on.

Anyway, I pretty much did what it said and I was using a Real Techniques brush so I started with four drops. But that wasn’t enough. I kept on needing to add more droplets in order to have good amount of coverage that I desired.

At first I was quite in love with this foundation. It was easy to apply and very nice feeling on the face.

But then I walked into a Sephora and was talking to one of the ladies there and she goes to me,

“Your face is really dry.”

That was the first time I realized that this foundation clings to dry patches. Later it became more evident (perhaps because I started looking out for it) and this is how: I was breaking out (not horribly and it wasn’t because of the foundation- it was just that time of the month) and I was using Origin’s Super Spot Treatment which usually dries to like a second skin over the acne spot and then I usually wait, put on a primer and then the foundation. But this foundation, after initial application just accentuated the spots where I had applied the spot treatment.

It got so bad that even my boyfriend commented on it.

Suffice to say I wasn’t happy.

I also began to dislike the process of shaking it. Now I don’t know what is in there but when you shake it it sounds like there’s a ball in there or something that helps mix up the foundation. Anyway, I apply my make up quite early in the morning, and it began to worry me that I was going to wake up my sister just because I was applying make up.

Now I’m not saying that this foundation totally sucks because it doesn’t.

But I think this foundation should be used for people with decently hydrated skin with very few facial problems (redness, dark spots etc) because then it’s really perfect.

I still hold hope that this foundation will work better with my skin when it has less problems and is hydrated more.

At this point though, I will not be touching bareMinerals. I will be reverting back to my Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush foundation for the time being.

Regardless, for its first liquid foundation it is quite decent. Good job bareMinerals!

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