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Anastasia 'Brow Wiz' vs. Smashbox 'Brow Tech Matte Pencil' Battle/Review

Anastasia 'Brow Wiz' vs. Smashbox 'Brow Tech Matte Pencil' Battle/Review


When I saw the Smashbox brow pencil, I immediately wanted to do a side by side comparison. So here it is.


The Smashbox brow pencil is much longer and that makes sense because there is actually much more product in this pencil than the Brow Wiz (.03 vs. .003).

That in itself is just more worth the money. (And that's probably why so many beauty lovers go through the Brow wiz so quickly...)

Something else is that the packaging for the Smashbox is much less looser. It's a lot tighter and feels a lot more secure than the brow wiz. The packaging for the Brow wiz is so loose that it feels like if I bring it with me anywhere it would fall off...


They are literally the same.

It says matte on the pencil, but it gives the exact same look as the brow wiz.

General Pros and Cons

Now, let's begin with the universally loved brow wiz.

It is a much softer texture than the Smashbox and so it's easier to draw little hairs into your brows. However, because it is SO soft, it breaks off. One time I just tipped the brow wiz to use the spoolie and the entire brow pencil just fell out. I didn't even do anything!

But with the Smashbox tech pencil, it's a lot more secure. Because the pencil is also harder and because the way the mechanics were designed, you actually cannot twist it backwards. Which is extremely great if you don't want to lose the product but also kind of a hassle if you accidentally twisted it too much in the process... just be careful with that!


They both last equallly long.

Final Thoughts

In the end, this really boils down to two things: what kind of a spoolie you like, and how much product you want.

As you can see in the picture above, the Anastasia spoolie is much more fliuffier which makes the Smashbox spoolie look a lot more spaced out and bigger. While the effect of both spoolies are the same, it just depends on you whether or not you want a softer spoolie or not.

The same with the amount of product you want for the same amount of money.

Personally, I really love the Smashbox one. It's extremely secure, much more product, and does the exact same thing.

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