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Etude House 'Tint My Brows Gel' Review + Lasting Power

Etude House 'Tint My Brows Gel' Review + Lasting Power


You have most likely seen every review possible on this product and seen it applied on so many skin types you probably don't even have to read this review. However what stands out about this review from all the rest is that I will talk more in depth about longevity.


Aside from what you may have already seen on the internet, there isn't much to report. However I will say that the brush won't initially pick up a lot of product, but you definitely do need a good amount of product to get the whole brow.

Initial Application

Yeah, it's weird.

There's no way else to put that. It feels like you are putting paint on your eyebrows especially because the applicator is an actual brush.

But overall, it's a very smooth experience. I thought it would be easy to "color" outside the lines, but it was actually very easy to follow the existing contour of your eyebrows.



Not going to lie, two hours is a long time for the product to be on your eyebrows. And honestly, in those two hours, I had to be very self conscious of where I stood in my room (I got some big windows) and that I couldn't even feel comfortable going out to my room to fill up my water bottle with water.

So yes, the process is extremely long, and can be seen as a con for this product.

When the product has been on for two hours, you can peel it off. It is a very smooth peel off process. Extremely no-hassle. Nothing to really report there.

Lasting Power

Now, when I look closely at my eyebrows, what this product actually does is tint the skin under your eyebrows to give the illusion that you have full brows. So no, color does not cling to your actual eyebrow hair but to the skin on where you applied the product in the first place.

Now, I initially applied this product on a Sunday morning so all of Sunday it was pretty intense. And for the subsequent week, I didn't apply any eyebrow products and just let my eyebrows be. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I will quickly explain the pictures though. Most of them are separated by two pictures. The one on the top is how my eyebrows looked in the morning, and then the one at the bottom is how my eyebrows looked at night, after I washed my face off.

Except for Wednesday (Day 4) I had washed my face and used liquid make up removing oil on my eyebrows.


Final Thoughts

As you could see, the tint lasted for the most part during the week so if I had followed the actual directions and applied this product just before I slept and slept on it, it would've 100% lasted for the duration of the work week.

I will say that if your eyebrows are naturally thick, the product will last longer than areas if your actual eyebrow hair is thin. So as you could see in the pictures, the color was more intense in the area of my eyebrow where I had denser eyebrow hairs.

So I will say that even though the process itself is a pain in the butt, it's worth it because it means shaving off 10 minutes of my eyebrow routine. I would have to fill in the ends of my brows towards the end of the week, but that's a small price to pay.

So I do recommend this product, and will continue using this products. But I will be using it on Sunday evenings.

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