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Arctic Fox 'Rose Gold Set' Review

Arctic Fox 'Rose Gold Set' Review

I honestly heard about Arctic Fox from soothingsista on YouTube and had been meaning to try them out since I saw their prices. They have a very wide range of color options but it's not the traditional color options you would think, but more of the rainbow and pastel colors that you see trending on Instagram these days.

So a bit about my hair: I had previously dyed it and wanted it to be Rose Gold but it turned out bright pink instead so I had been meaning to find a rose gold shade I liked. This was before I dyed it with this set btw. I was actually starting to think my hair just wasn't cut out for rose gold...

But then this! AH! So amazing... and here's why! (btw, I have yet to do any sponsored posts and please know that if in the future I do any sponsored posts, it will be stated and will still not influence my opinions.)


Not going to lie, when you receive it it feels like it's super tiny and will not have enough dye in it for you, especially if you got longer hair like me.

But honestly, if you use the diluter or conditioner (you can use conditioner but they suggest using a diluter for better results) you won't even need much dye to begin with. So even though the bottle feels small, it's actually more than adequate. Unless you want super pigment in which case, it might actually be too small.

And it's cute how it's a fox, not going to lie. They also give you a sticker which is great advertising material, especially if you like having stickers on your laptop (which I don't so it'll just be sitting someone in my room collecting dust lol).


I only included this section because I have used this set twice already, and both times I have come out with different results.

So in this set, you get Virgin Pink, Cosmic Sunshine, and Arctic Mist Diluter.

Now, in the first application, I put in a heavy amount of diluter (I would say at least 3/5 of the bottle) and then put in about a two quarters sized of Virgin Pink and only a small amount of Cosmic Sunshine. During that first mix, it definitely came out more rose gold. I would be very careful with the amount of yellow you put in, only because if you put in a disportionate amount then it would come out more orange and then you gotta put in more pink. The pictures shown was initial disposition of the colors but I did end up adding more yellow and pink at the end to get the intensity I wanted.

In the second time, I thought I could put in the diluter at the end. DO NOT DO THAT. Because I ended up putting in the diluter in at the end, the color I ended up with was a orange red so I had to throw that away and start again. Which is such a waste of product...

So my tip is to add the diluter first and do not add more color than diluter unless you want a different color than rose gold.

Initial Application

In both applications, it was very easy to apply. All you had to do is slap it on (wear gloves) and then wait.

In the first application, I waited 30 minutes. However after I rinsed out the color the front parts of my hair and the beginning fading part of my black hair and the colored part was still relatively orange.



So in my second application I concentrated the color more on those sections and actually waited for 45 minutes to give the color extra time to set in.

This time, more because of the mixture, the color turned out a way brighter pink than I had wanted. The rose gold is no more.

Lasting Power

I will say that after the first application, even though I hadn't had the color for longer than a week, the color was already starting to disappear. I would attribute that to the initial intensity of the colors though (the fact that it wasn't left in any longer, and that I added way too much diluter which meant the colors didn't really get a good chance to get on my hair) so it would be my fault.

On the website it said it could last up to 40 washes, but I think that is assuming you do not wash your hair often like I do (I typically wash 3x a week) and use a lot of dry shampoo which I may begin using. Either way, even if the color fades I don't think I would mind because it's so easy to apply.

Final Thoughts

I know I have been saying a lot of good things about this product and yes, it is just that good. I will add one more good thing before I get to the bad thing though. The smell of this product actually smells like starbursts. I don't know how they did that! But it definitely makes the process a whole lot more enjoyable!

So here is the bad thing about this process (the product actually doesn't have any bad things about it in my opinion): it takes up a good chunk of your day.

The way you need to apply this product is that your hair has to have been washed aka. clean before you apply but cannot have any product in it. So if you are like me and do not like to blow dry your hair, then you will have to shower in the morning, wait 2-3 hours for your hair to dry, then the apply the color for about 30 minutes, wait up to 30-45 minutes, rinse out the hair, apply your typical hair product, and then wait for it to dry again. As you can see, it is a process and usually, by this time of the day, it's already time for dinner.

So the only really annoying/frustrating thing about this is the process, not necessarily the product.

So if you foresee yourself having that kind of time periodically available then I highly highly recommend this product. But if you want something fuss free, quick etc. then this product isn't for you as much.

This set of product is no longer available on the Arctic Fox website, however you can purchase the colors separately.

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