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5 Beauty-Related Items You Don't Think You Need

5 Beauty-Related Items You Don't Think You Need


Honestly, these are going to be the items you don't think you need, until you own it, and then you question how you've lived before it. 

I know many of these are luxury items, because yes, you do not NEED these, but if you are like me and have an extensive process (skincare or beauty) then these items will be worth it, I promise!!!

P.S. A lot of these products will make your life more efficient, I promise!

1. A Rotating Beauty Stand 

I purchased this on a complete whim and now I cannot live without it. I put all my skincare that I need on a daily basis on here. It not only helps me organize my skincare together, but also helps me efficiently use the space that I used to allocate for my skincare. It is also time saving, because all I have to do is turn it, and I can grab the product I need. 

2. A Standing Desk Mirror 

You may all have a desk mirror. But I'm telling you, you want a standing desk mirror. This is none other than a desk mirror that has a long neck, so you are not looking down as you are applying makeup/skincare. 

At one point in time, I was only using a desk mirror and my neck kept hurting because I kept looking down. It was really annoying, and actually make applying makeup/skincare a lot more tedious. Give this a try!

3. A Container for Cotton Rounds/Buds & Q-Tips 


I always found that people who buy these kinds of containers to be rich and maybe have nothing better to do with their money. But wow, was I wrong. I use cotton rounds on a daily basis for skincare, and then when I take off my makeup I need cotton rounds and q-tips. I used to just leave them in their packaging and get it when I need it. But since getting this container, I've realized its so much more efficient. 

4. Brush Cleaning Mat + Brush Holder

I used to clean my make up brushes in the palm of my hand, or the back of my hand, but since owning this cleaning mat, its made life more efficient and quicker.

And well, a brush holder is pretty basic, but also makes you grabbing make up brushes pretty easy and quick as well. 

5. Make Up Storage Containers

Most make up addicts will have these, but seriously, go get you some, especially if you have any amount of make up. Trust me, as soon as you get into make up, you can own a lot of make up a lot quicker than you think! 

I am not a big fan of those individual small ones that they sell on Amazon. If you are going to get one, get a big-ish one that can fit a decent amount of product in it. 

Here I organize my make up/products into 3 sections: top - face base products; middle - eyes; bottom - lips/nails. 

What is one beauty-related product you use that makes your life easier? 

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