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Innisfree 'Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask' Review

Innisfree 'Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask' Review


I have run out of my clay mask for awhile, and I have been on the hunt for a really good one that isn't super expensive but still does the job well. And I think I found my new favourite!



The jar is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and after using it once, I have a pretty good idea that I probably will be finishing the jar in about 3 months maximum, if I use it sparingly once a week.

But the jar is quite heavy, and very sturdy. The lid is very light compared to the jar.



I was genuinely surprised with how smooth the clay mask actually smoothed onto my skin. Obviously you have to have washed your face before putting it on, but it just glided on.


It is a very pale grey color, with not a lot of chunks in it (there are still a little chunks, but not enough to be visible from afar and not enough to interfere with application). It dries to a even paler grey color.


If you put a thin layer, it is easy to take off. Whenever I take off my clay mask, I warm up my face towel and then gently remove it. For me, it adds an extra exfoliating step. (But I do not go in with my clay mask dry. I do warm up my mask a little bit before I remove the mask!)

While I was surprised with how smooth the clay mask went on, I was extremely surprised with how well my toner and moisturizer applied right after. I don't think my toner has ever glided on my face so smoothly before... it felt like my skin was totally smooth like a baby's bottom!

And for the rest of the week, it continued to smooth out my skin. It didn't break out my skin in any way either.

Final thoughts:

I have a feeling that I may be repurchasing this mask very soon (or at least as soon as I am done using it!) because it's just that good!

And it's also making me want to venture into trying more Asian skincare/make up. I know the market is hot for Asian skincare at the moment, so maybe I will be jumping onto the bandwagon soon!

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