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Belif Skincare Review

Belif Skincare Review


Ever since belif skincare became avaliable in Sephora, I have been meaning to try it. I have been using their products for a good couple of months now, so I thought why not do a brand review! This is also pretty much my entire skincare regimen right now too. #sorrynotsorry



belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 

Now, this product has a twisty cap and immediately I'm not really loving that. It does keep the product safe when travelling, but it isn't great for when you are in the shower or when you need to wash your face during the day. It is a bit of a pain.

However, this product is actually amazing. There is a lot of product in here, so you are definitely getting your money's worth. A little bit definitely goes a long way. If I had to explain the texture, all I can say is that it definitely reminds me of the Origins Creamy Cleanser. It has that texture, but only after you add in water. When you initially rub it into your face, it's a little hard, but once you add in a little bit of water, it definitely does get creamy.

This face wash definitely makes you face have that squeaky clean feeling afterwards, which I normally dislike, but then when you keep in mind that the moisturizer is hydrating and moisturizing, it definitely gets put into perspective.


Also, one thing I noticed after not using it for about two weeks, the oil and the cleanser actually separated.

belif Mild and Effective Facial Scrub 


I decided to wait a couple of weeks to post this because I wanted to test the scrub. And now that I have bought this for a good month or two, I have decided that I can review it.

Now this scrub claims to remove dead skin cells.

I tend to use my exfoliators in the shower, so I don't know what it looks like with it in the mirror. However, I do feel dead skin cells coming off my face. But it requires a good scrub for a lot to come off. The texture of this scrub is kind of watery and not really thick or anything. There are no micro beads. At first it would just feel like you are washing your face with a regular cleanser that doesn't foam up.

To get any sort of a clean/exfoliating effect, I typically need to squeeze once for my overall face, another squeeze for my forehead, and then a third squeeze for my nose (which is my problem area). Based on that, I don't know how effective this scrub really is if I have to squeeze the bottle three times.

After cleansing my face I typically feel pretty clean, but definitely not squeaky clean.


Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

Ever since Belif went into Sephora, I've been meaning to try out some of the products. However, I wanted to use up my other skincare first before I purchased some more.

My initial reaction to this moisturizer is how soft it is, how light it is, and how smooth it goes on. While the price tag is slightly heavy, and even the jar it comes in is heavy, I actually really love this moisturizer.

I have been using it for a good couple of months now, and I have noticed no breaking out whatsoever, in fact, I have noticed that my skin has been abnormally well behaved (although it may be because I've been too lazy to wear make up...). While I do believe that this moisturizing cream is great, I am also semi hesitant to recommend it because it is an Asian skincare brand. And as someone who has Asian skin, I feel that I shouldn't be too surprised that this works for me.

However, I am going to recommend it, just because it is such a lightweight formula that is so hydrating. It has been a lifesaver for me in this fall-wint

belif Creamy Deep Moist Moisturizer


This product is very similar in consistency to the creamy cleanser, however it's more moisturizing than the cleanser (it is a moisturizer after all!).

If I was to compare this moisturizer to the True Aqua Bomb, I would 100% recommend the Aqua Bomb and here's why.

While this moisturizer is moisturizing, I feel like it doesn't feel as smooth on my skin. I know that sounds odd, but for the past month I have been using belif on my skin, and honestly, I think my skin only feels okay. It isn't completely clear of acne, but it isn't going crazy with breaking out either, and it's been quite a stressful month.

I must admit however that I have not been exfoliating my skin, so that may be a big reason as to why I have been breaking out a lot more as well.

UPDATE: Honestly, after using belif for so long, this product feels useless in my skin care routine. It does provide me with initial moisture sure, but not as much as the aqua bomb.

And it says it's for dry skin...well, I noticed that I just got dry patches under my lips so I don't think this product is as good as it says it is. This would probably be the other product I do not recommend as much.

Eye Cream

belif Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream


Since all the belif products I used were so creamy and soft, I expected the same of the eye cream. But, it is actually quick thick (in terms of consistency in the actual bottle) and because of that, it's actually very easy to not get an over excessive amount of eyecream on your finger.

It is kind of sticky when you initially apply it, and does feel kind of heavy despite it's light consistency, but it definitely makes you feel less tired. I don't even know if that's possible but it does!

Also, it takes literally two seconds for this to blend in. No time at all.

(11/23/2015-- approx 2 weeks after intial use) I really do love this eye cream. A couple days in I was looking at my reflection afar and I noticed how if I didn't look too close, it looked like I didn't have any under eye circles at all! It really managed to glaze over it. But obviously if you look closely they are still there.

Now, my intial thoughts of this eye cream still applies, but the different being it does take awhile to soak in. And when I mean awhile I mean a solid 10-15 minutes. I know I just said it blends in quickly, but because it is moisturizing, it does glaze over the under eye area for awhile. So, if you are using this in the morning, I definitely suggest waiting at least half an hour before applying mascara, especially on the bottom lashes. It will end up smudging from the moisture.


belif First Aid Transforming Peel Off Mask


I was surprised when I opened this and saw that it looks almost identical to the moisturizer. When I put it on, it surprised me even more because it had a very thin consistency and is completely clean when you put it on.

It said to keep it on for 10-15 minutes until completely dry and then it said to rinse it off. I thought it was an actual peel off mask, so before I used it I was annoyed that it said peel off but it wasn't actually. But it is a peel off mask!

However, you need to wet your face sufficiently before you can actually peel it off.

Unfortunately, I did not find that this mask did anything for me? So I will be trying it more.. (this was written 11/13/2015)

UPDATE (12/08/2015): Out of all the belif products, this is one that I think does the least. I feel like if you have so much of their skincare regimen already, this won't do anything. HOWEVER, if you want to try out something risk free from belif and want that amazing moisturizing effect without buying a full blown moisturizer, this is a good product to try. Since I already have so much of their moisturizing products, I feel that this is useless for me.

In my overall opinion, this brand is pretty amazing. For someone with oily and dry skin (I don't even know how that is even possible!), this skincare set has really prevented the dryness from appearing, for a good couple of months (I have been using belif skincare for at least half a year). My friend was complaining about dry skin recently, and I remember how this time last year my skin was also dehydrated from the coldness of New England winter.

Thanks to belif though, I have barely noticed any real problems with my skin! Yay!

I definitely recommend checking out their brand via Sephora, I really want to try their toner and scrub... hopefully when I go home I can get them!

I hope this brand review was helpful!

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