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Oribe 'Detanger Primer' Review

Oribe 'Detanger Primer' Review

I'm a hair junkie. I just cannot get enough of my hair. If anyone was to ask me what my favourite body part it, I would say my hair. Which is probably ironic considering how much I color my hair, thus damaging it. Anyway, the first time I got my hair professionally colored, they used this detangling "primer" on me. I loved the smell, and I loved how smooth it made my hair.

After using it that one time, I couldn't get it out of my head so I decided to splurge and buy this detangling primer.


This is definitely a high end looking bottle. It is a gorgeous midnight blue and if it wasn't in use, I could probably use it as decoration.

I am actually almost out of this bottle and I noticed that towards the end of its use, the gold letters and imprint is starting to rub off, turning into gold glitter on my hand. It's not a hug problem, but just keep that in mind.

Also, because of its sleek packaging, it can really be hard to get a good grip on the bottle when trying to spray it directly onto your hair. It would be easier if you were spraying the product onto your hands and then dispersing it. However, I've noticed that when I do that, it doesn't detangle my hair that well as when I just spray it directly on.

Lasting power:

My hair gets tangled easily, so I'm not going to blame the product, but it definitely works. Plus, it makes my hair super soft and manageable in the morning, which, to be honest, I don't hate.

Overall opinion: 

I've had this product for maybe 3 months and I gotta say, while I was initially very impressed by it, I still prefer the It's a 10 detangler. Just because the formulation of this detangling primer is extremely thin, which means you need to spray more in order to get it to detangle large amounts of hair. So by the time you get your money's worth out of this product, it's almost gone.

Unfortunately, I am not going to repurchase once I run out of this product. I would much rather spend my money on it's a 10 and have it work well and last a long time than a product that does it sort of well and is more expensive.

UPDATE (12/08/2015): I have been using It's a 10 for the past month, and actually I noticed quite a difference. It seems to take a lot more of It's a 10 to detangle my hair than this Oribe Detangler Primer. That being said, I am 100% behind this product now, and actually may be reverting right back to it when I'm done with It's a 10. Sorry for being so floopie (Phoebe from Friend's word. I trust her judgment 100%)!

Purchase here. (Or you can totally purchase it elsewhere if you can find a cheaper price!)

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