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DryBar 'The 3 Day Bender' 1.25" Review

DryBar 'The 3 Day Bender' 1.25" Review


I love Tati from GlamLifeGuru. But if I had to pick my second favourite, it's gotta be Jenn from clothesencounters (and Claire from HeyClaire.. it's a tie). And Jenn, I swear, always has the best hair with the most beautiful curls. And in a semi-recent video, she did a tutorial on how she curls her hair. In that tutorial, she used the Dry Bar curling iron and I just loved how the curls turned out for her. So I decided to give it a try (plus, it was 20% off!). 


Not going to lie, I hate yellow. And this curling iron is mostly yellow.

But then to be honest, it's not an icky yellow, so no biggy.

First Impression: 

This curling iron, takes some getting used to, not going to lie. The first nice I did it, it took a lot longer than the next time I did it.

So that was good. But I just love the way they designed it so you don't even have to physically move your hair around the barrel. The iron will just do it for you. I LOVE that. It's amazing technology, and I hope other brands will try to make a good replica of it (just because it's so expensive.. and it makes me feel bad for doing my hair, which I don't need in my life).

Lasting Power: 

This is the category that I am most saddened to write.

As I said above, I absolutely LOVE the technology and the idea behind it. It makes curling your hair almost fool proof, with possibly no burns.

Unfortunately, the night I curled my hair with this for the first time, most of my curls disappeared within the hour. And I didn't even do anything that night. Okay, I ran my hands through my hair because I love doing that, but that should not dampen the curls if it was a good curling wand! (I also had on hair spray... which is a different story).

But honestly, I thought it was just that, so the next day I did the same thing, and I used a lot more hairspray but it was drizzling outside.

Now, literally, within the hour, my hair was back to being the way it usually is: straight. No (visible) curls could be seen.

And at that point, I was just done. This curler, gives me no lasting power.

However, I must preface this by saying 1. I have thick hair. 2. I have heavy hair. 3. I have long hair.

And I was longer hair than Jenn, so I kind of credit that to the lack of work this curling iron did. Still, I've used better and cheaper curling wands that this that actually carried the curls for two-three days without much of a touch up.

Final Thoughts: 

I'm sorry Dry Bar, I love your dry shampoo, but your hair curling iron is not worth the money.

Also, I wanted to give this product at least ONE good section, so I didn't say this earlier but if you have a lot of hair like me, this curler cannot curl lots of hair at the same time. It needs little half an inch sections which, if you're like me and have no patience for that, that's a little annoying.

Also, it comes with a SEPARATE iron place holder which is good so I don't burn anything, but it's an extra thing to bring along and keep track of. 

Overall, do not recommend this UNLESS you got light, short-ish hair, and you have the energy and time to curl it every day.

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